We would love to be the right fit for everyone. But we know that we can’t be everyone’s perfect match. We’d like to offer a list of other companies in the area that also do a great job.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could guarantee that Maid to Clean could be the best cleaning company around? That we could be your perfect match?

We would love to be able to be everyone’s perfect cleaning service, as we love and enjoy what we do. We also know that we do certain things very well, such as our commitment to eco-friendly service, and the long-term relationships we’ve built with our staff.

However, we know it’s not realistic that we’ll be the perfect fit for everyone. For various reasons, we’re not always the right match.

Maybe we don’t fit within your price range.

Or maybe we don’t service the area you live in. For environmental reasons, we limit the area we service, so that our crews don’t waste fuel driving long distances around town.

Perhaps you want a one-time cleaning, but we’re already fully booked during the time you want your home serviced.

We also know that if you’re looking for a new maid service, chances are, you’re shopping around first. Maid to Clean might not be the first company you’ve considered, and it might not be the last. We understand that it’s a big decision, and we want to help you make the right choice for your home and family.

No matter what the reason we’re not your perfect match, we still care about your quality of service and would love to offer our recommendations of other reputable cleaning companies who also do a great job. We know you’ll be happy if you go with any one of them.

Our recommendations are either based on us knowing the owners through our cleaning association, or from a referral from a trusted source.


MaxiMaids specializes in luxury cleaning service, and it offers a wide variety of other services, such as a laundry service.

We recommend MaxiMaids, as it’s a local, family-owned business. The business was handed down from mother to daughter. As a locally-owned service ourselves, we love to support other small, local businesses instead of franchises of large companies.

To quote MaxiMaids’ website:

“Founded in 1989, MaxiMaids, Inc. was established by Jeannine Garcia with the fundamental principles of excellence. The goal was to fulfill a wide spectrum of service needs, while delivering a five star service. Mrs. Garcia set to lay the foundation for a brand that would continuously deliver excellence.”

MaxiMaids specializes in luxury cleaning service, which means you can get more than a standard house clean from them. Of note is their laundry service. Many cleaning services focus more on cleaning your house itself and don’t wash your laundry and linens for you. For example, at Maid to Clean, we can strip and remake your bed with new linens if you request it, but we don’t offer a full-on laundry service.

But if this is a service that’s of importance to you, check MaxiMaids out.


Another local, family-owned cleaning service, MaidBright is one of the largest family-owned businesses in the DC metro area. Like Maid to Clean, MaidBright considers their customers their family, and they treat every client they serve with care and attention:

“Maid Bright was established in 2004 as a local, family-owned and operated residential cleaning company. Our company philosophy lies in the fact that each and every customer we service is an essential part of our growing family in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland. We strive for excellence in each cleaning service we provide in order to establish strong family bonds!”

As well, they use environmentally-friendly products that are safe for your family and pets.


Like MaxiMaids, The Maid Authority offers a wide range of other services on top of house cleaning. You can get your carpets cleaned, and even have your breakfast delivered.

“With no job, and a dependent family, Paul and Sheri conceived the idea of starting a state-of-the-art professional residential maid service. Their motto would be based on strong work ethics and a desire for creating healthier and happier lifestyles for all. With this as their focus, they pursued the American dream of independent entrepreneurial success. For more than 35 years of providing quality home services to millions of households, Services Alley still maintains their core original values.”

They are a larger company than Maid to Clean, and though they started out in the D.C. area, they have expanded across the country.

Homes Maid Fresh

If you’re drawn to Maid to Clean’s eco-friendly approach, check out Homes Maid Fresh. Just like us, one of their core values is using environmentally-friendly products, so that you can keep your house clean without impacting your own health.


DomestiCall has been around since 1985, and it’s a well-established female-owned business. A unique aspect of their service is that they can send out individual cleaners instead of a team.

Maid to Clean uses teams of three to four people so that we can divide and conquer. But if you think you might prefer an individual cleaner, consider them.

“Founded in 1985, DomestiCall, a woman-owned business, has built its reputation on offering exceptional, reliable and secure residential and commercial cleaning services to the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.

They offer a similar range of services as Maid to Clean, such as move-in/move-out cleaning, post-construction cleaning, one-time cleaning, and scheduled residential and commercial cleaning.

So how does Maid to Clean compare?

Of course, we would also love you to consider Maid to Clean just as much as any of these other companies. We are a cleaning service that prioritizes eco-friendly methods in all aspects of our business.

We are also proud to be locally-owned rather than a franchise of a bigger company. We believe in staying local, and if you do too, any one of the reputable cleaning companies on this list will serve you well. They all have similar ethics, attention to detail, and are locally owned. You will be happy with the service of anyone you might choose.