Client Testimonials

We believe in providing exceptional service each and every time we clean. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Here’s what our clients have been saying about us:

I am a very particular person when it comes to things like punctuality, neatness and cleanliness. The Maid to Clean crews have never disappointed me in any one of those areas. The women arrive on time and literally whiz through my house. How they can accomplish so much so quickly, I’ll never know. When the crews leave, my house is not just spotless. It is antiseptic. I love it! I have recommended Maid to Clean to just about anyone who will listen. Their trustworthiness and professionalism are rare gems in the business world these days.
— F. Sparks, 2011 (current client since 1996)

I have never experienced the total reliability and service professionalism of a better firm than Maid to Clean. Providing clean, efficient and environmentally appropriate, as well as effective products consistent with the needs of our family has been a hallmark of this locally based company. In over 150 visits to our home they have never failed to be on time. As an organization they are totally reliable and I always remain confident, even in our absence, that they will provide exactly what we need in the most economical, environmentally appropriate and safe manner. I recommend them highly for their professionalism, communication, and service oriented approach to meeting their customer’s needs.
— B. Bailey, November 2011 (current client since 2010)

We have been clients of Maid to Clean since the company started in 1996. They are always pleasant and have always taken such pride in their work. We have always found them reliable and flexible whenever we required extra work, or rescheduling. Ms. Bermudez’s, the owner of Maid to Clean, professionalism and fairness towards her competent staff and clients is the key to the success of her company. It is always nice to come home to a sparking clean home the day Maid to Clean has been here.
— Mr. & Mrs. P. Smith, 2011 (current clients since 1996)

Maid to Clean has been cleaning our house every two weeks for going on ten years. During that entire time, they have been using only “green” cleaning practices and products. Most significantly, they use all natural cleansers–no bleach, or other products that contain potentially harmful poisons or toxins. Indeed, Maid to Clean was “green” before we had even heard of the term. Because of Maid to Clean, every two weeks our house is cleaned, disinfected, and done toxin free. I don’t think it gets any more “green” than having a maid service that will clean every inch of your home–kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, floors, windows, etc.–using only natural products that actually work. Best of all, they have maintained their “green” practices without sacrificing quality or value.
— Mr. & Mrs. Anzidei, June 2011 (current clients since 2001)

I believe I may have been the first customer for Maid to Clean many years ago. They have never disappointed me. As a property manager handling over 100 individual properties, the Maid to Clean staff has proven to be efficient, timely and always cheerful and personable. I highly recommend them to all my tenants for regular cleaning services, to companies looking for reputable cleaning people and to owners who do not have the time themselves to give that extra special touch to their units before vacating and putting them up for sale or rental.
— K. Watkins 2011 (current client since 1995)

When we contracted with Maid to Clean for a once a month cleaning, we were amazed at the results. We especially needed help with the floors, but it was the sparkle of the outsides of our refrigerator, microwave, stove, sinks, dishwasher and floors that put us in awe of this company, its cleaning supplies and its hard workers. We wanted to know how to keep everything shining between their monthly visits. They were eager to show us their eco-friendly supplies and assure us that, even though our Jack Russell barks furiously at them, there is no danger from these cleaning materials to a pet. They have led us in a new and shiny direction! We ourselves try to conserve, recycle, live simply and are so happy to share this value so important to the life of the planet with Maid to Clean.
— R. McDonnell, June 2011

Cindi Bermudez and her staff have been cleaning our home for more than 10 years, always providing high quality service on time, thorough, reliable and personable at a reasonable cost. We have watched, and benefited, as Cindi has grown a business built on good jobs for good people in our community. Maid to Clean embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, constant improvement and concern for customers and employees that are the hallmarks of an ideal local business. We have no hesitation recommending their services to anyone who asks.
— O. Patton & B. Van Gelder 2011 (current clients since 1998)

Maid to Clean has always maintained a personal touch. They know who we are when we call and the staff always leaves a comment card behind with their names on it. Their team is genuinely friendly and always has the time to say hello, even when they are already cracking on the cleaning work. Over the years, Maid to Clean has expanded and added a Web site and other efficiencies, but they have maintained the personal touch.
— C. Rhodes 2011 (current client since 1999)

We have had the Maid to Clean organization cleaning our office for more than four years. We are extremely happy with the quality of their work, their reliability and the way they respect the items on our desks.
— R. Larson 2011 (current client since 2000)

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