Being cooped up in the house due to the craziness of the past two years might be making you more keen on cleaning or wanting to clean more. Cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to mean creating large amounts of waste and using harsh chemicals. Check out some of these green cleaning tips to freshen your home while still saving the planet.

1. Make use of your household supplies

Instead of going shopping for name brands or harsh chemical cleaners, why not check in your own pantry first. Many households already have a lot of these common ingredients to make use of– they are affordable too!

The first ingredient is white vinegar. White vinegar is a great multipurpose cleaner for glass, wood, and can even be used to remove mold due to its disinfectant properties. 

Baking soda is another ingredient found in many homes already and can be used for many purposes. Baking soda can be used to scrub down your whole bathroom to make it sparkling clean including the shower, sink, and toilet. 

To make a baking soda paste mix a ¼ cup of baking soda with liquid detergent and water or vinegar to make a paste. This paste is then ready to use on almost any bathroom surface. You’ll never find yourself purchasing another chemical cleaner again. 

Also bonus, Arm & Hammer Baking soda comes in a plastic-free box. Affordable and eco-friendly!

2. Use biodegradable trash bags

Another eco-friendly trick is swapping out plastic trash bags with biodegradable trash bags instead. Biodegradable or compostable trash bags are made from plant-based ingredients which allow them to be broken down over time. Plastic bags, on the other hand, contain an ingredient called polyethylene which is what makes up plastic and cannot be broken down. This small change can make a big impact on the environment. 

3. Use old clothes as rags instead of paper towels

Paper towels and other one-use items can be extremely wasteful, especially when cleaning an entire house. Instead of paper towels next time you clean try using a reusable dish towel or rag. Using reusable products is also less expensive in the long run. An extra sustainable way to clean is to even convert old clothes that would otherwise be thrown away or donated into cleaning rags. These repurposed items can now double as cleaning supplies for free.

4. Reduce the use of plastic bottles

Another issue with store-bought, plastic bottle cleaning products is that they create a lot of waste once finished. A sustainable solution to this issue is buying glass spray bottles or any type of reusable bottle and filling it with your own cleaner. Like mentioned before, many household items can double as cleaning products such as white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and many more. With the right mix of ingredients, you can have yourself a DIY cleaning solution at a fraction of the cost. 

If making your own cleaning products is not your cup of tea, you can also buy more sustainably in bulk and then refill your cleaning bottles once empty. This option still cuts down on the use of plastic bottles and it can save you some coins. 

Next time you consider buying cleaning supplies, remember that there are other options. Using sustainable cleaning products not only is good for the planet but also good for your wallet. Try implementing these few strategies and you can be on your way to being a green cleaner yourself. 

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