5 Green Gifts to Give this Holiday season

Holiday gift-giving is well underway. This year try giving the gift that keeps on giving with a sustainable gift for your loved ones. Check out these 5 easy gifts for this holiday season. 

1. A reusable water bottle

A nice reusable water bottle can be a great gift for almost anyone. Staying hydrated, however, does not need to harm the environment. Stop using single-use plastic water bottles that create waste and start using reusable bottles. Reusable water bottles are not only eco-friendly but can also be very cute and cost-effective. Considering many people drink around 4 water bottles a day, using a reusable water bottle can reduce the use and purchase of over 1400 bottles per year. For a more luxurious option check out Swell or Hydroflask. For more affordable options look at Camelbak or Simple Modern on Amazon. 

2. Zero Waste Starter Kit 

Package Free is a company with a mission to create a positive environmental impact. Their products are packed package-free due to their zero-waste policy. They even help other companies to reduce their packaging waste as well. Package Free has many cute sustainable gifts ranging from oral hygiene kits, shaving kits, and cooking kits. These kits can be a great practical gift for someone who would normally purchase these items on their own while doing your part to save the planet. 

3. Conscious step socks 

Conscious Step is a company that is committed to supporting environmental and social issues through its products. Every item bought on the site donates to a different cause that the buyer can choose from. The company even takes steps in its production process that uses sustainable materials. The website offers many different types of gifts from socks to sweatshirts and they even offer a monthly subscription option. Conscious step surely has a gift that your loved ones would love to receive. 

4. A potted plant

Potted plants are the best way to brighten and freshen up a room. Especially in the winter months when many people are spending most of their time indoors. A live potted plant is a perfect gift this holiday season as it doubles as a sustainable decor item and air freshener. Potted plants can be found very affordably at many greenhouses and home improvement stores. They can also sometimes live for months or even years depending on the care it is given. Make the gift even more special by adding a decorative flower pot like this one from West Elm

5. An experience

Last but not least a sustainable gift idea that creates no waste is an experience. Enjoy an experience with your loved ones such as a massage or concert tickets instead of giving a material item. A shared experience can bring far more enjoyment sometimes than a physical item and can strengthen or build memories that will last a lifetime. Gifting a shared experience can be a very thoughtful and meaningful gift to your loved ones. 

This holiday season try to keep environmental sustainability in mind when considering the gifts you want to give or receive. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season from Maid to Clean. 

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