Want a better chance of keeping your resolutions this year? Consider making cleaning your house one of your top goals. Here’s why.

What is your New Year’s resolution? To spend more time with your kids? To get fit? To be less stressed?

Most of us have set resolutions at some point, with 40 to 45 percent of Americans setting goals at the start of each year.  No matter what it is, it’s clear: you want to live a better life and be a better person!

But resolutions can be tough to achieve. Life gets in the way, old habits resurface, and you’re back to doing things the same way you used to. So how can you succeed?

For one, try setting clear goals for yourself- “I want to go to the gym three times a week” rather than “I want to get fit.” This presents you with an achievable, measurable task.

We also recommend setting one of your New Year’s resolutions as having a clean house. While this may seem unrelated to your other resolutions, it can actually do wonders for helping you achieve your goals. Here’s how.

“I want to exercise more and get fit.”

This is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. It can be hard to stay motivated to exercise, especially in the winter months, when you’d rather just curl up inside and watch your favorite tv show.

But not having to clean the house will mean you’ll have the time and energy to be able to go to the gym. Instead of lifting your vacuum cleaner up and down your stairs, why not go and lift some weights instead?

If you don’t have a gym membership, this time of year is too cold and icy for you to want to take a run around the block. But having a tidy home is appealing for indoor exercises too.

A cleaner living room could mean more space to practice yoga.

And a cleaner basement could mean a more appealing space to use that exercise bike that’s been gathering dust for the last few years.

“I want to eat healthier,” or “I want to lose weight.”

These are probably the other most common New Year’s resolutions. Having a healthy lifestyle is a productive goal to set for yourself- healthy dinners made with fresh produce are tasty and worth the little bit of extra time it takes to make them. They’re far healthier than swinging by the local fast food restaurant on your way home.

But when your kitchen is a mess, you don’t want to spend any time in it. Cleaning it takes effort on your part. And a deep clean to remove stains? Forget about it!

But with a cleaning service on your side, you can enjoy a tidy kitchen that’s actually enjoyable to be in. You can make healthy meals on nice, clean countertops. And you won’t have to worry about scrubbing away every little crumb and stain on your floors and counters.

“I want to spend more time with family,” or “I want to improve my relationships.”

If you’re working a job outside of the house, chances are you don’t see your family as much as you’d like to.

And now that the kids are back in school, family time is more hectic than ever. Your son is rehearsing for the school play three nights a week, and your daughter has to be at soccer practice at four. Coordinating everything takes a lot of fun out of family bonding.

So why add “cleaning the house” to the list of things that you need to get done in your free time?

Instead of vacuuming this weekend, you could take your kids to see that new museum exhibit.

Instead of cleaning the basement, you could go to a movie with your spouse.

“I want to manage stress better,” or “I want to stop procrastinating.”

Are you stressed or overwhelmed by life? Do you find yourself procrastinating on tasks, unsure of where to begin? Many Americans are in the same boat as you.

And it’s not fun to sit there and feel guilty: “Oh, I should be cleaning, but I don’t have the time…” That only adds more stress to your life.

Luckily, there are some easy ways for you to help manage your stress more effectively, which in turn, helps you stop procrastinating. Just start around your home.

Your surrounding environment affects your mood more than you realize. Having a tidy, organized space is surprisingly good for your mental health.

A visually cluttered room is overwhelming to your brain, causing you to get distracted. If the items in front of you aren’t related to what you’re doing, your brain can’t focus as clearly.

A clean house, on the other hand, is soothing, a break from your long day at work. Coming home to a clean home is a lot more gratifying than coming home to a dirty one. You’ll be able to relax and give your mind some downtime.

While we don’t pick up your clutter for you, perhaps having a cleaning service will inspire you to keep your house clean instead of letting it grow more and more chaotic.

It’s one less thing for you to worry about doing, plus you can reap the benefits of a clean living space.

“I want to have more time for myself.”

Let’s face it, cleaning takes a lot out of you. Even if you divide the work up, giving every member of your family a task, scrubbing, scouring, and cleaning is still hard work.

But if you hire someone else to do it, you won’t be spending any time making sure those carpets are cleaned, or that everything is kept dusted and spot free. We’ll do that for you, giving you more time to get a head start on whatever your New Year’s resolution is.

Have other resolutions that weren’t mentioned? These goals can also be helped with a clean house. Whether you want to travel more, learn a new skill, or make new friends, hiring a cleaning service will give you some much needed free time and a clearer mental space to be able to achieve those goals.

We wish you the best of luck on sticking with your resolutions!