So lovely. Also so dust collecting....(image via Brian Moloney/Flickr)
So lovely. Also so dust collecting….(image via Brian Moloney/Flickr)

We do a lot of things during a deep cleaning. But the thing that clients instantly appreciate is cleaner baseboards. Or, if you prefer to use the term, molding*.

Baseboards, though lowly (quite literally) make all the difference between a room that’s functional and “finished.” They can be simple or fancy. And in our area, older homes often come with intricate molding that isn’t really manufactured anymore. They’re a wonderful selling point.

However, the fancier and complicated baseboards are, the more they need cleaning. For that matter even the simplest ones have a tiny ledge that collects dust.

So unless you’re incredibly dedicated about dusting every last nook and cranny—in which case you probably wouldn’t hire us to begin with—baseboards get dustier by the day. They also take the brunt of scuffs, scratches, nicks, and dents. Add to that a thin layer of dust and pretty soon, no matter how hard you try, your whole house looks clean but kinda….grey. Because they’re typically in every room of your house.

No wonder that there are entire discussions on the Internet devoted to cleaning baseboards, including a Pinterest board simply named Ugggg.

Cleaning is probably the last thing you want to do these last couple of weeks of summer vacation before school starts up again and the crush of fall sets in. So call us. We can help. In fact, this month is a perfect time to do so—there’s plenty of light to see what we’re doing, this summer has been blessedly nice so we can air the house out a la spring, and you can face Labor Day on a fresh note.

Take advantage of our special August coupon. Book us in time and you can get $75 off a deep cleaning, the kind that tackle your baseboards.

*Molding, moulding….potayto, potahto….