We are recommending four tips for getting your house clean for the summer season.  Keeping your home clean this summer is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

#1. Clean the Air Conditioner Filter 

This is essential during the summer as it will ensure cool air flows freely around your home. An air conditioner that is left unclean will become clogged with dirt and dust which will block air from roaming throughout your home or even break your air conditioner! Cleaning this is simple, just apply warm water with soap on the filter or use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust. 


#2. Dust and Reverse the Fan

Dirty ceiling fans collect pollen and dust which can enhance summer allergies and illnesses; therefore, it is very important to dust and reverse your fans regularly in order to save you from a summer spent sniffing in bed! To clean your fan, spray a pillowcase with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down each blade of the fan. The pillowcase will collect the dust and dirt without it falling on your furniture or floors. Then make sure to turn the blades counterclockwise which pushes cold air downwards. This will save money on your energy costs because it will make your air conditioner work more efficiently! 


#3. Removing Grass Stains

As baseball, gardening, and all outdoor activities are at an all-time high during the summer, it is important to be proactive about grass and dirt stains that are to come! Due to the chlorophyll in grass and plants, it can be difficult to get rid of these types of stains, so it is important to remove them as soon as possible! Make sure to have a prewash spray or a solution that consists of one-third white vinegar and two-thirds water on deck, so that you are prepared for stains!  When the time comes, make sure to dust off any dirt on the piece of clothing, spray it with a prewash spray or the solution, and let it absorb for about 5 minutes. Then, place the clothing in the washing machine on the hottest water safe for the piece of clothing and add an enzyme detergent to the wash. This way, you and your family can play outside all summer, stain, and worry-free!


#4.Create a clean atmosphere for the outdoor patio area

Grilling, having a drink outdoors, and spending time with friends and family on your outdoor patio is a popular way people like to destress in the summer. To make your patio or outdoor area as clean and enjoyable as possible, scrub the outdoor furniture with a soft cloth and a cleaner designed for that material. To get rid of lichen and moss that tend to linger on outdoor patios and areas, make sure to spray down the area with a mixture of bleach and water to get rid of lichen and moss that linger in the outdoors. These two cleaning tips will leave you with a sparkling new outdoor area ready for the next get-together.