Thanksgiving is probably one of our favorite holidays. Everyone celebrates it. It doesn’t matter who you are, what faith you practice, or where you’re from. It’s a uniquely American celebration and everyone is welcome at the table. However as anyone who has ever hosted Turkey Day knows, there’s a ton of prep. And we can certainly help you with at least one part of it.

Clients routinely ask us to come in and help them get their houses in shape for the Thanksgiving weekend, especially because it can involve out of town guests. Or Grandma, if she decided she’d rather go over the hills and through the woods to be with you rather than the other way around.

Here is what we’ve learned over the years, and what we’d like to share if you’d like us to come in for an extra cleaning before you take over the kitchen and start the festivities:



Yes, we work Wednesday and Friday of Thanksgiving, but…
We’re in demand because everyone wants us to fit them in. In fact, many clients have already booked us as early as Halloween. So don’t wait to call us. In fact, if you don’t call us by Noon, Friday November 21 (the week before Thanksgiving), we may not be able to fit you in at all.

The extra cleaning can take longer.
Chances are you want us in for an extra cleaning because you want things done out of the ordinary – cleaning and making beds in the guest room, cleaning the whole guest bath (as opposed to just the toilet and sink), sanitizing the fridge before you get ready for holiday season, or cleaning up after guests have left. That can definitely take longer than usual.

This will be particularly true if you bring us in on Black Friday into a house full of guests. You may be up and about right away, but your guests may not – especially if they came in from another time zone and are jet lagged. Which means we’re not only cleaning up after them and the additional trash they may have generated, we’re also cleaning around them to be respectful of their privacy. All of that can take longer, and reflect on the bill.

Need to reschedule? Please call ahead as much as you can. Last minute throw us off too!
We understand. Believe us, we do! All of a sudden you need to make an extra run to the store, or your guests arrived so late they’re still sleeping, or they’re just plain sleeping in and you don’t want us to arrive too early…whatever the conundrum is, it helps us greatly if you can anticipate and give us a call as far ahead as possible to reschedule, or tell us to come an hour later. Remember, if you’re off schedule, we’re off schedule too, and so are all our other clients for whom we may be cleaning after we’re done at your house.

The cat stays, obvi. The gift wrap - to reuse, to recycle? We won't know. Tell us! (via Flickr/Anne G)
The cat stays, obvi. The gift wrap – to reuse, to recycle? We won’t know. Tell us! (via Flickr/Anne G)

Trash? Recycling? Clear bags? Regular trash bags?
Ah yes, the holidays, when even our best attempts to be green take a hit with all the cards, envelopes, catalogs, gift wrap,  and boxes. Because our attempts to use less gas and avoid the mall means we keep shippers in business. With boxes. Here’s the thing, we don’t know what is your trash and what isn’t. Please help us by clearly marking what is what, and blocking off “no go” areas. That way we won’t accidentally throw away the gift receipt your holding on to, or the “your gift will arrive in two weeks” back ordered statement you plan to gift wrap.

Us after Thanksgiving. You too, quite likely ... praise the Lord and pass the quiet. (via Flickr/Linda Dubin)
Us after Thanksgiving. You too, quite likely … praise the Lord and pass the quiet. (via Flickr/Linda Dubin)

No, we don’t work Thanksgiving Day
We will be just as foodie as the rest of you on Turkey Day. Just as we were into the candy last month. Sigh….this is why we haul ourselves on to our bikes in the spring. Whether we like it or not.