“Holidays? It’s not yet October 1!”

Not quite, but getting there. (via Wonderlane/Flickr)
Not quite, but getting there. (via Wonderlane/Flickr)

We hear you. But you know we’re right. The articles are starting to pop up about fall decorating, people are quietly starting to holiday shop online, and there’s no getting away from the holiday stores (which, we admit, are baffling to walk past as early as August).

So yeah, it’s not too early to plan, especially if you expect out-of-town guests. More to the point, it’s not too early to plan around your own schedule. When would you like us to come over to do an extra cleaning, or perhaps a deep cleaning before the parties or the cookie baking sessions begin? Will you need your kitchen deep cleaned, right down to sanitizing and deodorizing the fridge? How about having beds in the guest rooms made? And if you have kids coming back from college, where do they fit into the plan?

We can help with all of that, but it’s good for you to think about the schedule, and then get in touch with us so we can make sure it’s on our schedule. That way we won’t end up being underfoot while you have a party about to happen. Even better, we won’t be knocking on your door absurdly early while the kids or the guests are perhaps sleeping in, because hey, they’ll be on break.

It’s a good time to plan ahead. So give us a call!