via Nannette Turner/Flickr
via Nannette Turner/Flickr

Now that we’re past Cherry Blossom peak and well into porch season—random tornado watches and cold spells notwithstanding—we’re getting questions about the great wide outdoors. And the short answer is, yes. We can help you with your great wide outdoors. 

Yes, we clean porches and patios.

We can sweep, scrub, and mop your porch or patio. (Please note: We don’t do powerwashing.) Just be sure to let us know if you have special cleaning instructions or products that we can or can’t use on the surfaces. Also, give us advance notice if you need it done during a regular appointment so we can plan on a longer appointment or a separate one just for the outdoors. In fact, around this time of year, we recommend that you bring us in for a separate initial appointment just to do your outdoor area—the better for us to clean an area that hasn’t been used in a few months. Which brings us to….

Yes, we can clean gas grills.

We can’t do an industrial deep down cleaning of your grilling equipment. But we’re certainly happy to clean and scrub the grill so that you’re not faced with the chore just before putting the food on to cook.

Yes, we’ll move things around to clean.

Unless it’s too heavy for our staff to move, or we think it’s hazardous for us or the object, we’ll move what you have on your porch or patio—couches, tables, pots, plants, and the like—in order to do a deeper clean. If you don’t want things moved, let us know.

Yes, we’re going to get on those bikes the absolute second we can!

‘Nuff said.