We, Maid to Clean, are a company that was formed by Cinderella Bermudez in 1996 to provide professional cleaning services in the Alexandria and Arlington areas. One of the main reasons we stand out in the cleaning market is because of our environmentally friendly products. Our cleaning process is 100% green and we use solar panels to power our offices. Please reach out to us for more information about how we could be of service to you!







National Hispanic Heritage Month is here! Learn more about some other locally Hispanic-owned businesses: 

  • El Tamarindo is a restaurant in Adams Morgan that first opened in 1982. They are currently the largest Salvadorian & Mexican restaurant in DC. El Tamarindo is a family owned business that is known for their homemade pupusas, Oaxaca Mules, and chimichangas!

  • Teatro De La Luna is a theater in DC that was founded in 1991. They focus on spreading Latin culture through plays and performances they showcase like the International Festivals of Hispanic Theater, Immigration film festivals, and Latino film festivals.

  • The Salsa with Silvia Dance Studio is a dance school located in Washington, DC. It is known for being one of the best places to learn Salsa or Bachata. They offer private, virtual, in-person classes, and team building workshops. Overall, their main goal is to help people express their feelings, increase their endurance, and develop new friendships, all through the movement of dance! 

  • Cesar and Pial Vega opened Quavaro, a leather product company. Quavaro produces backpacks, laptop cases, totes, and other travel bags from their family owned factory in Mexico. They pride themselves on personally sourcing 100% of all the materials, selling high quality bags, and valuing ethics in the workplace.

  • Pedro J. Rodríguez and Julio Robledo opened Grand Cata in Washington, DC. Grand Cata is a storefront that sells wines and different unique foods from Latin America. If you are looking for authentic and vibrant flavored food and wines then this store is the place to shop!