How Cleaning Can Benefit Your Mental Health

These days it seems we’re always on the hunt for the next great solution to relaxation and ensuring mental well-being. Whether we seek such comfort by way of a meditation app on our smart phones, at the hands of our favorite masseuse/masseur, or a favorite novel enjoyed in a quiet corner – the hunt often feels never-ending. Would you believe the answer may be even more simple than you imagined…? That beyond just the enjoyment and appreciation of clean and tidy environments, it now also turns out, the act of cleaning itself, can be beneficial to your mental health also?

New research shows that, “by cleaning an area, a person gains a greater sense of their control over an environment, which in turn makes them feel better,” explains Vicky Motley, Senior Brand Manager at Zoflora in her latest chat with Yahoo! News. As it turns out, when one directs their attention to the act of cleaning it can serve as a valuable distraction from daily stresses and allows the mind to enter a state of calm and presence.

In a recent study conducted by “Mindfulness,” an academic journal, over 30% of participants who addressed an odor or area of disorganization, reported feeling an instant reduction in feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

While much of these scientific findings pertain specifically to home cleaning, evidence indicates that safe and clean working facilities afford similar levels of satisfaction and happiness in employees. In a recent CleanLink survey it was determined that simply observing a tidy work environment helped to contribute to an improvement in employee production and output. And further, in an even earlier survey from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), it was found that employees who worked in LEED-certified green buildings reported higher levels of happiness, feeling healthier and being more productive than those working in conventional and non-LEED facilities.

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