Ice, Ice, Baby!

Hey winter, you're drunk. Go home! (via Capital Weather Gang)
Hey winter, you’re drunk. Go home! (via Capital Weather Gang)

No doubt you looked at Capital Weather Gang’s forecast for the next twenty-four hours and thought what we did. “Here we go again.”


We’re still out and about, though. And we plan to clean as scheduled. So we beg you, as always for two things:


If you are facing a house full of people because of a snow day, we understand if you don’t want us to add to the mix. But please call us as soon as you know that you want to reschedule, or perhaps even have us come later in the day after everyone’s done with breakfast. (Oh yeah, we don’t care if you’re still in PJs. We highly second that emotion.)

via Davejoe/Flickr
via Davejoe/Flickr

Ice, Ice, Baby

Please help us actually get to your house in one piece! With just enough precipitation and low temps to create snow that may be on the ground a while longer, we’re seeing lots of already cleared sidewalks, stoops, and walkways get covered to ice. It’s inevitable. But please do salt and sand if you can. We have to be particularly careful if we’re bringing in supplies and equipment.

As always, we do our very best to get to you on time. And we continue to work unless it’s actively hazardous for our teams to drive to you. That said, we’re so ready for spring. Just another month….we can do it!