It’s that time of the year when everyone is struggling with puffy eyes, runny noses, or itchy throats. Maintaining a clean home can help diminish your allergy symptoms inside your home, so we want to give you some essential tips to keep your home pollen-free this season so you can breathe easily!

1. Keep your windows and doors closed.

Pollen is mainly outdoors, so let’s keep it there. It can be tough to keep your windows and doors closed, especially as the weather gets nice and warm, but this can save you a lot of sneezing and discomfort inside your home. Instead, turn on that AC and make sure your filter is clean so you can still keep cool this season.

  1. Wash the pollen off ASAP.

Pollen will get stuck in your clothes, hair, shoes, and everything you take outside. This is why taking a shower as soon as you get home can help eliminate any lingering pollen on your body. Also, make sure to put your outside clothes into your laundry basket as quickly as possible and place the basket somewhere secluded so pollen doesn’t spread before your next laundry day. 

  1. Change the bedding frequently. 

There is nothing more uncomfortable than sneezing while trying to fall asleep. Taking your outside clothes off once you get home and washing the pollen off before going to bed is not always possible, so instead, make sure you change your bedding every week. According to the Mayo Clinic, the best way to wash your bedding is to use water heated to at least 130 F (54 C).

  1. Have a consistent cleaning routine.

A basic cleaning routine will save you a lot of allergy pains. For your hardwood floors, use a damp mop to eliminate any pollen. Use a vacuum cleaner with a small particle or a high-efficiency particulate air filter to clean your carpets for better results. Use a damp cloth to trap pollen and dust to clean other surfaces. A mask can help you keep your allergies at bay while you clean. Maid to Clean can also help by doing it for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. Don’t forget to clean your blinds, ceilings, and countertops.

Dust and pollen love high places. That’s why you must clean your ceiling to get rid of any sticky dust or pollen, and the same with your countertops. There is a lot of debris hiding there, so don’t forget to tackle those places during your cleaning routine. Blinds are one of the most annoying things to clean, but they are a must if you want to breathe easy this allergy season. Dusting your blinds will leave you speechless about how much pollen and dust accumulate there.

Doing these extra steps will help make your home a pollen-free sanctuary where you can take a break from the typical allergy symptoms this season.