This month we are celebrating Maid to Clean’s 26th anniversary. Throughout these years, our company’s positive work culture can be affirmed by our employees’ loyalty and commitment to providing excellent quality cleaning. Some of our employees have more than a decade working for Maid to Clean, and we want you to know and celebrate their stories.

  1. Tatiana

Tatiana is one of Maid to Clean’s supervisors. She is an incredible worker with a friendly and outgoing personality. She has worked for our company for over 16 years and has always been a positive and caring person. Tatiana loves to swim and spend time with her family. She states that she loves working for our company because of our growth opportunities and the friendly and caring team that surrounds her.

  1. Nubia

Nubia has worked with Maid to Clean since 2005 and has dedicated 17 years to helping our company provide the best cleaning service possible. She loves the flexibility and work hours we provide because she spends her weekends with her family and loved ones. Nubia is a dancer; she loves to go out with her friends and dance. Providing our employees with a work-life balance is crucial to our company’s success. 

  1. Sandra

Sandra is another exceptional employee that has been with the company for 16 years. She has been exploring beautiful sights with her family all over the United States and making memories. She genuinely loves to clean and focuses on the details. Sadra sees her teammates and other employees as a family since they have grown within the company together for years.


  1. Marlene

Marlene will be with the company for 15 years this October! As a mother, she is grateful for our company’s understanding and flexible nature. Marlene adores cooking for her family and always looks her best. She prides herself in her work, and over the years, she has developed organization skills that facilitate her performance as a cleaner. 

  1. Noemi

Noemi has worked with our company for 12 years. She enjoys spending time with her teammates because they’re kind and hard-working. Noemi loves to take long walks and go to the beach in the summer. She is a detailed person who takes pride in getting good work done and consistently receives fantastic feedback from the clients. She is a mother and currently expecting, yet she still gives 100% of herself to make Maid to Clean a great company.

These girls have worked hard over the last decade and have grown within the company to support and develop our mission to provide everyone with accessible green cleaning.