Snow, yes! Skating rinks…not so much.

Gah! (via Flickr/Bob August)
Gah! (via Flickr/Bob August)

A quick note about weather as parts of the east coast digs out from a lot more snow than we got in the DC/MD/VA region last night…

As you know, very little throws us off by way of weather. Maid To Clean will clean unless it’s actively hazardous on the streets or the Mayor tells us all to stay off the road. But we’re scheduled to clean just after a snow event, it would help greatly if you did three things before we arrive:

  • Shovel: Clear your walkway and stoop so we don’t slip and slide on our way in. Also, this way we track in less snow, which you probably appreciate. Especially if you have wood floors.
  • Salt and Sand: It helps to salt and sand the way in even if you’ve shoveled, because it helps keep down the black ice “skating rink” factor if temps plummet.
  • Doormat: Have something at the door, even if it’s an old rag. It gives us somewhere to wipe our feet and helps protect your floor.

All very basic. And we’re not the only people who will appreciate it! Your mail carrier and delivery people will also appreciate the gesture.