(via Flickr Creative Commons/Charlotte90T)
                                               (via Flickr Creative Commons/Charlotte90T)

And just like that, spring arrived. If anything, it seems to have given winter early marching orders. Of course, some of us have very different ways of marking spring. Allergies, that odd smell the car makes first thing in the morning, the arrival of college kids or extended presence of high school kids for spring break.

We can’t help you with the first two, although sympathize with you on both counts! But we have many thoughts on the college kids, seeing as how many of us at MTC are parents.

The grocery bill goes up. Which means that all of a sudden your kitchen counter is covered with supplies and Tupperware. To say nothing of dishes in the sink. Let us know what can get moved or we’ll leave things as we find them. Those two square feet of counter space will sparkle!

Bed linens need changed. We’re happy to change bed linens before your college kid arrives. But if the room’s been closed for the semester, please do be sure to open it up, and figure out the heat and/or air. When we see a closed door, we respect it and do not go any further.

The college kids, they bring home laundry. Why do they do this? We know for a fact that school includes laundry facilities. And yet, they bring it home. Furthermore, they will leave it in a pile on the floor. Again, we’ll clean around it.

There is a video game convention and your living room and/or basement is the main attraction. This includes a Bermuda Triangle of controllers, remotes, connectors, and wires. Also, leftover pizza boxes. We’ll clear away the boxes and put them in your recycling area—because let’s face it, it’s usually pretty clear if the box has been there for, like, a couple of days. The gadgetry however …. We’re not going to try and negotiate that Mousetrap-for-adults set up. (No really, have you seen the heartache that ensues because we accidentally unplugged something that was not yet done? It’s heart rending. We may cry. That won’t improve our productivity.)

Last but not least, please know that we are entirely okay to work around your kids—of any age. Many of us are parents. If we’ve cleaned for you for a long time, it’s nice for us to see your kids growing up, too! And because we appreciate your loyalty, we are offering existing clients a discount. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, in case the video game convention in your house also coincides with celebration of all things Irish.