The Post Holiday/New Year Fridge

When cleaning your fridge is an adventure! (image via Flickr/Kevin Cole)
When cleaning your fridge is an adventure! (image via Flickr/Kevin Cole)

Ah January…the month of resolutions, diets, and fresh starts. (And snow drama, this week, but we’ll leave that for another post.)

One of the first things clients do this month is clean out the fridge. Along with the last of the trees on January 6, we typically see clients looking to empty out the pantry and the fridge of all leftover or excess food. Because much as we’d all love to, we cannot actually live on cookies alone. Well, we can, but we shouldn’t, and again, we digress.

Here’s what you need to know if you’d like our help with cleaning out your first.

Yes, we do clean fridges!
And we’ll do a deep clean if you need. Clients who’re moving out or moving in routinely ask us to do so, and there’s no reason we can’t extend that service even otherwise.

You do have to make a special request.
Like ovens, we routinely clean fridges, but upon request. They’re not a regular part of your appointment. And we don’t charge extra for the service, but the grungier your fridge, the longer it will take us to do the job. That can definitely increase your final bill for the appointment.

Elbow grease.
There is no magic to how we clean your fridge. It’s plain old soap and water. And time.

A little prep from you helps.
You can reduce the amount of time we’ll take to clean your fridge, and thereby keep your bill down. The less we have to take out and put back in, the quicker we’ll be done. And defrosting or emptying out your freezer before we arrive will also help. This, by the way, is a great opportunity to simply go through your fridge (and possibly also your pantry) and toss out all those leftovers, or things past shelf life that you’d forgotten about. Not that we can’t do that for you, but we may not know what is food and what isn’t. No seriously….

That was food?
You know how we tell you to always clearly mark what’s recycling and what isn’t, especially at your home office? It’s the same with your food. We may not know your imported many-dollars-per-ounce truffle from say, a really badly horribly molded over potato that you completely forgot about. (No seriously, think back to the first time you laid eyes on a whole truffle. Would you have known?)

One added benefit of a clean fridge? You know exactly what’s in it, what’s missing, and what you need more of. Let us know if you’d like us to clean your fridge this month. Who knows, it might help you stick to that resolution to eat better.

(Notice we didn’t say diet. We believe in eating. Properly. There is a difference.)