10 Tips And Tricks For A More Organized Pantry

We all know the feeling….you arrive home from a trip to the grocery store and prepare to put your latest purchases away, only to find there’s anything but ample space in your cluttered and disorganized pantry. And don’t you just hate the moment you reach for the next ingredient in your favorite recipe only to find that can of cherry filling is nowhere to be found?

While the living room floor or the kitchen sink often require our attention much more regularly, giving your pantry a much-needed facelift via good organization can mean the difference between a good morning and a great one!

So with the spirit of organization in mind, we’ve compiled a useful list of quick tips to get your pantry organization overhaul off to a winning start:

  1. Before getting started, give all items in your pantry a thorough check and throw out any expired canned or jarred foods. Consider donating any items that have remained untouched for three or more months to your local food pantry.
  2. Utilize airtight canisters for bulky pantry essentials such as flour, white and brown sugars, and rice or pasta.
  3. Make great use of storage bins or baskets to help organize individual snacks packs or your favorite granola bars.
  4. Can racks are the perfect solution for organizing canned vegetables and soups without taking up valuable space.
  5. Strategically position items often used together near one another, like your favorite pasta and alfredo sauce.
  6. Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables that don’t require refrigeration by purchasing wicker baskets for storage and proper aeration.
  7. Maximize all available pantry space by storing spices and other small items in an over-the-door hanging rack.
  8. Place snacks for little one’s easily within their reach.
  9. Clearly label items to save yourself time when searching for your needs!
  10. Lastly, make the most of your organizational efforts putting pantry items in designated locations after each grocery trip to ensure you’re not organizing more often than you should be!

Now that your pantry’s fresh and organized, let us take care of the rest by scheduling your next cleaning with Maid to Clean today!