We’re looking at a long weekend with President’s Day coming up. Furthermore, there’s this whisper of precipitation in the forecast. Based on past experience, this means many of you, especially parents of younger kids, are going to spend a few extra hours home with the munchkins. It’s a sweet sight for many of our crew – we have kids of our own, many grown, and we well remember the simple pleasures of dress up and story time and oh yes, crafting. Which means come Tuesday morning, many of you will have the following question:

How do we get rid of playdough and glitter?

Your educational friend, so long as it stays on the table.
Your educational friend, so long as it stays on the table. (via Jimmie/Flickr Creative Commons)

Believe it or not, might be easier to remove. Here is what has worked for us:

  • Do not use hot water – you don’t want to set the colors from the playdoh into the surrounding fabric or carpeting. Instead, use cool water, soften and remove the excess.
  • Let the rest dry. Carefully loosen with a palate or blunt butter knife, and brush away what you can. Be especially careful as you remove it from carpets.
  • Repeat until you’re done.
Lovely in the jar. Then they get in everything....
Lovely in the jar. Then they get in everything…(via Christie Sheffield/Flickr Creative Commons)

Sigh. There’s a reason that one guy came up with the idea of sending a glitterbomb to your enemies. And then quit when he realized what awfulness he was unleashing upon the world. It’s tiny, it’s persistent, it is apparently going to be in our houses even longer than the things that emerge after our kids have grown. Like, you know, stray cheerios and tiny Legos. Here is what has worked for us:

  • Get out the strongest vaccum cleaner in your house. Which might actually not be the one you use everyday. You are probably looking for the unglamorous beast of the shop vac that sits downstairs and only comes out during floods or after a sawdust incident.
  • Once you get the bulk of the glitter out, find a lint roller. If not, a roll of painter’s tape or scotch tape will do. Basically, you want something that’s sticky to run over the surface that’s suffering unnecessary glitteration. (Yes, that is totally a word.)
Nope. All the nopes!
All the nopes!  (via Jeffery Bennett/Flickr Creative Commons)

Silly Putty:
It’s useful for picking up glitter off hard surfaces. But if you let the kids play with it, and it got into soft surfaces, fabric, or carpet….May the force be with you. Which is our way of saying, it is a toy that should never be allowed anywhere but on a tile floor. And even then, under adult supervision.

Did we mention that this weekend is Valentine’s Day? Which means that the things we’ve just discussed will be in full force. Especially glitter. From the sweet crafts your kids bring home, to the cards the older kids will buy at the store. Time to dust off the shop vac. Unless you’re going to say no to the love. (Nah, we didn’t think so.)

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Have a great, love filled weekend, with or without the glitter!

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