Ah summer…. school’s nearly out for the kids, and college grads are making the trek back home for the summer break. On the one hand, you have that warm happy feeling of having all your chickens home under one roof and accounted for. On the other, there is more of everything. Including cleaning.

morningAs you know, we are pet and family friendly. We are well aware of the children who take forever to get up during the school year but are mysteriously and obnoxiously cheerfully up like a shot at the butt crack of dawn in the summer. We are also well acquainted with the phenomenon of the Sleepasaurus T(eenage)-Rex, who believes that mornings are best left unseen. For we have lived with both, sometimes simultaneously. We feel your pain. We also know that you, and we, need to stick to a schedule. And we can work with you to accommodate changes in your cleaning schedule. Just be sure to:

Give us as much advance notice as possible.
A full business day’s notice is ideal. This lets us juggle things on our end to accommodate you while respecting our other clients’ time on the day we’re supposed to be at your home.

Tell us which rooms to do last.
This is particularly true if we are scheduled to clean your home earlier in the day and well, your college kid doesn’t think morning begins before noon. Hey, we remember those days fondly. So just let us know where to start, and what to save for the end.

Tell us what to focus on while we’re there.
More people = more clean-up = more time = bigger bill. Let us know if you want us to focus on a couple of things (like bathrooms, for instance, the better to let the video game tournament continue uninterrupted) so we can help you stay on budget. We won’t judge if you don’t want the usual done in the interest of time and convenience. We’re much too busy trying to negotiate our way around the mountain that is instant laundry when our own T-Rexes come home.

And remember, we always have a coupon or special happening. Just give us a call.