Maid to Clean, a reliable green cleaning service based in the Alexandria, Arlington and Washington DC area has a truly touching and inspiring backstory.

The founder of Maid to Clean, Cindi Bermudez has a generous heart and a passion for supporting others. She has been described as “a great fighting woman and a role model.” Bermudez has been known to train her employees professionally and personally, to succeed at Maid to Clean and other aspects of their lives, an example is Maid to Clean employee, Kenya Montalvan. 

Keyna started her career at Maid to Clean cleaning houses for Bermudez almost 23 years ago. Since then, she has been promoted multiple times, now serving as Cindi’s direct assistant where she is in charge of all scheduling and dispatching of teams.

“Coming in I did not know any English, nor had I ever touched a computer,” Kenya explains “but my boss gave me the opportunity and believed in me.” Keyna was not only able to learn English as a second language, but she also picked up impressive management skills which she now uses to run the business.

Keyna expresses her utmost appreciation for all that Cindi has done for her. “For many reasons, this beautiful little company and its beloved and respected owner deserves all my gratitude for her generosity and commitment to my well-being.”

Maid to clean wants to continue the passions of their company values in treating all their customers like family. Maid to Clean cleaning services extends their warmest thanks for their customer’s continued support.

For more information about Maid to Clean or any of our services, visit and connect on social media @maidtocleandcva.