You’ve probably seen this one, the twitter meme on parenthood reduced to 19 universally applicable one-liners.

Whether or not you’re a parent, you’ve either seen these one-liners in real life. Or perhaps you have kids at home, and you’re still living them.

We couldn’t help laugh at it. And yes, if you occasionally see us working really hard on our poker face while our shoulders shake, it’s our effort to support you as you bellow at your kids to take out their homework, put away their toys open the door instead of yelling through it….on second thought, stay in the bathroom until you’re done, thanks…and of course, the shoes*.


Hey, could be worse. Could be pants, three minutes past when you were supposed to leave.

The thing you should know about us when we’re trying so hard to keep a straight face – we have kids. We are laughing with you, we promise! And we completely understand when the yelling approaches a Tarantino film with “lots of questions and violent screaming.” We also do not judge and never ever saw you eat the fuzz covered Skittle – pinkie promise.

If anything, we completely appreciate where the craziness comes from – love (mostly), deadlines (often), traffic (nearly always), and the desire to have the house stay clean for five hot minutes in a row after we’ve left (yeah, that).

This Mother’s Day we’re offering two coupons. Take your pick, call us. Tell us where to put away the miniature toys, and shoes, when we find them. That way you can enjoy the ride.

If you’re a current client…..

Mother's Day Coupon 2


If you’re a new client…..

Mother's Day Coupon 3

*And now you know why we picked shoes for one of them!