“What top five tips do you have for cleaning?”

We get asked that question a lot, so here’s our top five cleaning tips for you today.

Vinegar and baking soda.

You want to be green and keep a clean but chemical free house? Look no further than your pantry. Vinegar and baking soda are natural, safe, and gentle cleaners. You can use them separately or together to deodorize and clean a multitude of things – surfaces, garbage disposals, windows, laundry, ovens… you name it.

before and after of cleaned sink using only vinegar and baking soda
Vinegar and baking soda (with a small assist from dish soap) combine to make a natural, non-toxic cleaner and deodorizer. (image from from Northwest Betty)


Outsource this one if you can! And get it done this time of year when it’s great “windows open” weather.

One small thing a day.

If you’re the kind of person who can’t stand mess, do one small thing a day to keep mess and dirt at bay. Maybe it’s just cleaning the knick knacks in the living room, or perhaps taking out the trash house-wide. Whatever it is, do one small task a day. You’ll feel better!

Pick one, just one!

Or perhaps you like to just put off cleaning. Hey, can’t blame you, and you’re not alone! Why else would we exist?! But the fact is we lead busy lives in the DC-metro region. So while you may want to clean up everything in the limited time you have, or even in the day you set aside, we’d advise you to be strategic. Pick one room, or one project house-wise. Maybe it’s just decluttering all the room, or cleaning up one particular room.  Don’t try to do it all at once!

Finish what you started.

The best cleaning, sorting, decluttering, and any other “–ing” project gets derailed because we get distracted. Whatever you’re doing, finish it before you move on to anything else. Because that’s how you get clean!

It's not done until it's folded and put away. (image by Lennart Tange via Flickr)
It’s not done until it’s folded and put away. (image by Lennart Tange via Flickr)