Yeah. We've been there, too.
Yeah. We’ve been there, too.

A few days and change before the holidays are upon us in earnest. Right about now, our clients fall into four separate categories:

  • You’re frantically putting up your tree, muttering about the sheer mess involved just in getting the thing into the house, much less the lights and the billion little ornament hooks …
  • You’re finally taking down Hanukkah paper chains. Or you’re just gonna let them stay up, because that’s how you roll…now to just keep the Hannukiyah from getting buried in cards and Gelt. And why the heck is any Gelt leftover? Did you really buy that much?!
  • Holidays what? You’re busy working the end of the year! And you cannot, just cannot with the unending stream of cards and catalogs and if you hear one more terrible oversouled version of Jingle Bells….
  • You love the holidays! And you are either getting ready to go somewhere or host guests and visiting family. Either way, you gotta clean. Ugh.

Hm. Perhaps you feel like the lady in the picture?

Don’t! We’re here!

Not gonna lie. We’re pretty booked. But we do have some flexibility. And we will be open until 3 pm on Christmas Eve. So if you need help, call us. We’ll do our best to find you an appointment and help you get the house holiday and guest-ready.

And don’t be shy if you’re a newcomer! Take advantage of our coupon. It’s good until the end of the year.