Happy New Year!

Don’t know about you, but it’s kinda fab when Christmas and New Year’s Day fall late-ish in the week. ‘Cuz, you know, it makes for more than one long weekend. Perhaps two long weeks entirely? Mmmhm.

We’re told many of you are planning to have a bash tonight, plus maybe more tomorrow. And then you’ll STILL have Friday and the weekend before you go back to work.

Here’s what we say – don’t hold back on the tinsel, go to town, give yourselves a real break if you can. The new year will be so much sweeter and maybe, just maybe, Monday January 5 won’t be so awful. Right?

Can call us by Noon on January 2, 2015 – we’ll be happy to set up an extra cleaning for you. Just keep in mind that we are closed New Year’s Day.

NewYears Coupon 1

And if you’re a newcomer, you can take advantage of our month-long special. We’re happy to help you party. So, party on, peeps!

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