Yeah that might take a bit of time! (via Dave/Flickr Creative Commons)
Yeah that might take a bit of time! (via Dave/Flickr

As we officially head into holiday season*, we asked our cleaning crews what they want you to know about, and they said, “Ovens.”

That’s right. From now until the new year, your oven probably sees more action than it has in months. Which means you might want to keep a few things in mind before you bring us in to clean it or have us do a kitchen deep clean that involves scrubbing the top of your oven range:

Yes, we clean ovens!
Cleaning ovens is like cleaning your fridge. There isn’t an extra charge for the job. But if you see a higher charge, it’ll be because because it took us longer. Because ovens this time of year take serious elbow grease. Because….

The Oven Grunge Factor
Think about it, if you haven’t used it in a while, there’s the collected grunge factor. If you’ve been using it since the weather got cooler, there’s still a collected grunge factor. Either way, it takes time to get that thing back to grunge-free and worthy of the roast beast you might have in mind – even if you’re good about cleaning the oven often, or have us deep clean your oven once a season.

If You “Self Clean” The Oven…..
Please do so the night before we are due to arrive. It takes several hours in some cases from cleaning to cool down, and we really need the oven to be cool enough to handle, especially if you want us to get into all those nooks and crannies where all the unattended crumbs go to settle down and create new life forms. We’re thinking the top of most freestanding stoves and ranges … AKA the part that isn’t at all affected by the “self cleaning.”

Do you want your oven especially cleaned during your next routine appointment? Call our office and let us know so we can plan accordingly. Rest assured, you will not be the only one making the request. ‘Tis the season!

With that said, we leave you with this fabulous thought. And why we neither object nor find dirty ovens remotely out of the ordinary.

'Nuff said.  (via JoJo/Flickr)
‘Nuff said. (via JoJo/Flickr)

*The calendar unblinkingly tells us we’re three weeks from Christmas Eve. Eep!