House Cleaning Company vs Independent Cleaner: What’s The Difference?

How much value do you put in keeping your house clean?

For many homeowners, it’s hard to think beyond the dirt. All you want is a home that is neat and tidy, with the dust wiped away without having to lift a finger in the process. Does it really matter who does it?

It turns out, it does.

I’ve been in this industry for many years. And there are a number of points you should keep in mind if you’re trying to decide between hiring a house cleaning company versus an independent cleaner. There is a difference.


Often a cleaning company will provide a more detailed cleaning that an individual cleaner won’t. Why?  Cleaning companies organize their employees to follow a routine that allows a more efficient, organize cleaning, including a checklist and supervisor that oversees that everything is done to the company standard.  With an individual house cleaner there may not be as much quality control over the final clean and it’s up to the home owner to perform the inspection, that is if you are home.


The most important part of hiring a house cleaning company is finding someone you trust. These cleaners will be inside your home, in every room of your house. They will be in close proximity to your valuables. They will be touching the things you use every day.

Not only do you have to trust them, but you should also ensure they pass a police background check and have references that show they’ve worked well in this industry before.

That process comes automatically when you choose to work with a house cleaning company. They sift through dozens of applications to find the right person for the job. They perform thorough interviews and take the time to perform background checks and dig deep into references to ensure they hire someone who is reliable, respectful, and knows how to clean.


Imagine this scenario: you have a party in your home on Friday night for close friends and acquaintances. Your cleaner is scheduled Friday morning. What happens if she calls in sick?

That can be a reality when you work with an individual. But when you work with a house cleaning company, that’s never the case. Our cleaning crews go out as a team. If one person calls in sick, it would never show in the service delivered to you. You’ll still have a reliable crew show up at your home and clean every room as agreed upon.


This is something few homeowners think of. Depending on the cleaner you choose to bring into your home, you may be considered their employer. What happens if they are injured on the job? Do you have worker’s compensation insurance? Are you insured if the cleaner breaks or damages something in your home? Your regular homeowner insurance may not cover the damage.

By choosing to work with a house cleaning company, you’ll avoid this situation altogether. Professional cleaning companies will have insurance to cover worker injuries and for in home damages.

In most cases, you’ll never need this type of insurance. But isn’t it nice to know you have for the just in case?

So which is better for you? Is it time to bring a professional house cleaning company into your home?