With spring cleaning just around the corner, Maid to Clean wants to save you time and money. Here are five steps you need to follow for an easy start to your spring cleaning:


  1. Declutter the counters

Once everything on the counters is away, it will be easier to see which areas need the most attention. It will also make the kitchen look better already! Finally, when you are done cleaning the counters put only the items you absolutely need back on top.

  1. Use dish soap & water to clean everything

A mix of soap with warm water is all you need to tackle most kitchen cleaning. Use this mixture to clean your stovetop, counters, cabinets, and even walls. If you have any stubborn areas, use a good old sponge and scrub away.

  1. Empty your fridge

More likely than not, there is something expired in your fridge. It’s time to take everything out and throw away anything that has gone bad, or it’s past the expiration date. Wipe your shelves with that soap and water mixture and reorganize the rest of your food. 

  1. Organize the pantry

Cleaning out your pantry can be a nightmare, but it’s an excellent way to start fresh this spring. Empty it and throw away old or expired items, and get yourself some item organizers. You can find some on Amazon or Target, and they will help revive your pantry and make it easier to find those midnight snacks. 

  1. Disinfect anything you touch regularly. 

Regardless of the pandemic, disinfecting things like cabinet handles, sinks, doorknobs, and light switches is a good way to keep you and your family from getting sick. If you touch it regularly…go ahead and disinfect it. Better safe than sorry!

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