A home cleaning service that stands out from the crowd

pencilWe don’t mind standing out from the crowd! At Maid to Clean, we take pride in doing things a little differently. From the way we take care of the planet through sustainable practices and the use of environmentally-responsible products, to the devoted, caring people we hire, our goal to is to make your corner of the world sparkle a little brighter, gleam a little longer, and provide that glittery-magical-unicorn-feeling every time you walk through your door.

We also understand that along with your decision to hire a home cleaning service, there will be a few questions. Especially if this is a new experience for you. But not to worry, it’s not our first rodeo, and we’ll do everything we can to put you at ease. Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. As always, if you have additional needs or concerns, we’re here to address them in a happy, cheerful, and professional manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve never hired a home cleaning service before. How does it work? Great question! Take a minute to fill out the Schedule a Cleaning form online or call our team at 703-299-0101. We’ll collect basic information about your cleaning needs and the size of your space and provide you with an estimate. If you agree, go ahead and book your appointment using the same online form or by calling the number above. Easy peasy! When the day arrives, a team of Maid to Clean professionals will come to your home or office. You may choose whether you’d like to be present while they clean, or if you’d like to provide keys to the property in advance. We’ll have our own green cleaning supplies and equipment, and will follow any special instructions provided at the time of booking. You may decide to pay in advance of your appointment (in which case, we’ll give you a receipt), or we will process your payment at the completion of your appointment. We’ll follow up later on to make sure you’re just as happy as can be. Your feedback is always welcome!
  • Do I need to do anything special to prepare for my appointment? This part is up to you. Generally, if you do a few things to get ready for the cleaners, you’ll enjoy a lower overall rate as our cleaning team won’t need to spend time on the “small stuff.” Making a quick round of your home or office to pick up stray objects and loose items, tidy up piles, and straighten rooms will save you money in the end. If you would like fresh linens on the beds, please be sure to set out clean sheets for our cleaning staff.
  • How are cleaning rates determined? Detailed information about rates for our home cleaning service can be found on our website, but the general guideline is as follows: $41 per team member, per hour. Teams are typically comprised of three to four members. A first-time cleaning has a minimum rate of $246, while a recurring cleaning has a minimum rate of $123.

We hope this information has been helpful! More FAQs can be found here, and as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions. We look forward to making your world sparkle!