A Solution to Reducing Plastic Waste

A brand new plastic sachet and packaging made from seaweed, edible bio-plastic.


A real solution to end plastic waste that mostly came from food and beverage packaging. This edible bio-plastic applicable for sugar sachet, coffee sachet, seasoning sachet, burger wrap, rice wrap and not limited to semisolid and liquid packaging like shampoo and lotion sachet.

It has 2 years of shelf life without using preservatives, biodegradable, dissolve in warm water and 100% nutritious. It can also be custom for different taste, color, and brand logo. Not only this plastic is good for our earth, it’s also good for our body.

Through this edible bio-plastic, we also give positive impact for Indonesian seaweed farmers. It is fact that the biggest seaweed producer in Indonesia is actually the poorest island here. Many of seaweed farmers live in poverty and they children suffer from malnutrition and uneducated. Growing this business means increasing their livelihood and well-being. Click the link below…