Green cleaning is at the heart of all we do

24863420_MGreen cleaning. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it, instantly conjuring up images of verdant meadows, mountain views, and the scent of fresh breezes. And it’s true, green cleaning is just as wonderful as its name implies. But what makes cleaning “green,” exactly? In this month’s blog post, we’ll look at why our approach to cleaning is so much more than just the products we use. It’s really in the way we choose to do things, from the solar panels that power our office, to the bicycles our employees ride to appointments.

We’d like to share with you why this way of cleaning matters to us, to our environment, and of course, to you, your family, and your pets.

Green cleaning in the home (and beyond)

The most common example of this eco-friendly approach to cleaning is found in the products that are used within the four walls of your most favorite place to be: home. If a quick glance under your kitchen or bathroom sink reveals such products as baking soda, vinegar, lemons and essential oils, then chances are you’re already enjoying the benefits of a green home. Some households may purchase and use only green cleaning products that have been manufactured with the health of the planet (and the human beings living on it!) in mind.

For example, these products will be free from phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances, and artificial colors. Other identifying factors could include a product being labeled as ‘biodegradable,’ ‘organically grown,’ ‘fair trade,’ or ‘sustainably produced.’ To achieve these labels, a cleaning product must meet strict criteria regarding labor practices and environmental impact. Packaging may be made from post-consumer materials and green product companies may elect to donate a portion of profits to environmental causes. All of these examples would fall within the realm of green cleaning.

Go green!

We’re thrilled to see how much progress the green cleaning movement has made in recent years, and we consider every company and household’s commitment to cleaning in an environmentally responsible way a victory for all. After all, what’s good for the planet is good for people. But at Maid to Clean, our pledge to “green” isn’t just a fad. On the contrary, this is how we’ve done business since we opened our doors in 1996. The safety of our clients, their families and pets, as well as our universal home — Planet Earth — is our top priority.

Here are some examples of how we keep our green commitment:

  • Since 2010, our office has run on solar power generated by on-site solar panels.
  • To help support our local ecosystem, we raise bees at our office and the nearby Franciscan Monastery. Bee pollination increases crop yields and helps local plants and trees reproduce and thrive.
  • We schedule cleanings by region, allowing us to serve several clients in one day without extensive traveling. This reduces emissions and fuel consumption.
  • We reduce, reuse, and recycle in every way we can, from reusing and recycling printer paper to using refillable spray bottles and washable cleaning cloths. We do not use disposable cleaning items such as paper towels, wipes, or one-time-use bottles.
  • Natural cleaning products such as vinegar and baking soda are used as much as possible. We do not believe in using harsh chemicals and strong fragrances in our clients’ homes.
  • All vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters to trap dust and allergens and keep air fresh and healthy.

We’re different from other companies that offer green cleaning in the Arlington area. We are locally owned, responsibly sustained, and nothing makes us happier than bringing that special green sparkle to your living spaces. Contact us today to learn more about what Maid to Clean can do for you (and the planet)!