Green cleaning? It’s practically our middle name!

17604072_SIn a noisy corporate world that’s full of advertisements, marketing, claims and promises, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Yet, as a locally-owned, independently-operated, green cleaning business; that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do. (And by the way, we’re doing pretty good at standing out, if we do say so ourselves!)

You may have found that many cleaning businesses are full of claims, yet fall short on delivery. Maybe you’ve given up on a cleaning service that actually takes care of your home the same way you do, and what about your commitment to protecting the environment? How can hiring a green cleaning service fit in with the things that matter most to you? Boy, are we glad you asked.

We love to stand out, we love to deliver on promises, we love to make our customers smile, and we love taking care of Mother Nature through our green cleaning practices. Read on to learn more about what makes Maid to Clean so unique.

Our commitment to green cleaning goes way beyond cleaning

Sure, we could focus on just making your kitchen sparkle and your bathrooms shine. But our green cleaning vision is even bigger than that. Maybe it’s because our founder is a former member of the Peace Corps, or because we chose four-legged fur babies as our mascots, or that we actively support the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary. Whatever the reason, we’re focused on more than the tile and grout around us. We’re focused on making the entire world happier, cleaner, and more sustainable. Here’s how!

  • What’s all the buzz about? It may sound funny for a green cleaning business to moonlight as beekeepers, but we’re not opposed to doing things a little differently. In an effort to support the local ecosystem and boost the pollinator population, we proudly raise bees! Come meet our resident Maid to Clean bees or wave “hello” as you pass our bees at the nearby Franciscan Monastery. We believe in the power of bees, both to increase crop yields and to boost the health and reproduction of local plants and trees.
  • Cutting down on travel is good for the planet. Rather than “spinning our wheels” so to speak, we are thoughtful and intentional about our day-to-day travels. We schedule cleanings based on region, which allows us to serve client-neighbors within the same day. This approach to green cleaning means less fuel consumption and fewer emissions from our company cars.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, baby! We live by the 3 R’s! We find creative ways to reuse and recycle all we can, from printer paper to washable cloths. We refill existing bottles rather than purchasing new ones, and we do not purchase disposable cleaning items (such as paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and one-time use products).
  • We love to go, ahem, “au naturale.” Whenever possible, we defer to Mother Nature’s wisdom over our own. Vinegar and baking soda pack a powerful green cleaning punch, without the risk of harsh chemicals and overpowering fragrances.
  • Our vacuums suck. They really do! Plus, they suck wiith the added bonus of HEPA filters! We get giddy just thinking about sucking up all those allergens and dust mites. The air you breath matters, and we love to make it as fresh and as healthy as possible.
  • We run on sunshine! In 2010, our office made the switch to solar power and we’ve been basking in its glow ever since! We literally run on sunshine, with solar power generated by our on-site solar panels.

Not a passing trend, but a long-term commitment

Before green cleaning was a “thing,” Maid to Clean was running on a commitment to your health and the health of the planet. Since 1996, our eco-friendly business practices have been an integral part of all we do. While it means everything to us to provide the level of cleanliness and service you deserve in your home, it literally means the world to us to do the same for our planet. As stated on our website, “we believe in operating in an environmentally responsible way and using cleaning methods and products that are safe for our clients, their families, their pets, and the planet.”

We love to make your home — and world — a happy place to be. Contact us today to learn more about our green home cleaning service in Washington D.C., Alexandria, and Arlington VA.