What Are Your Home Organizing Goals For The New Year?

Did you know that one of the top resolutions we make each year is to get more organized? Right there behind “lose weight,” we set our intentions to clean up our homes and make them more livable. We have the desire to take away the clutter, but a few weeks into the new year, we realize just how difficult the process is. When we decide to lose weight, we put ourselves on a diet. The main goal is to change our habits enough so that we shed a few pounds. And in many cases it works … for a while. In almost as many cases our new habits revert back to the old ones, and before we know it, the weight is back on. The same thing happens with the clutter in our homes. In many cases, we start out with good intentions. But we resort back to old habits, and before we know it, we have even more stuff crammed into the corners of our homes.

What can we do differently?

Make A Commitment

A home doesn’t become stuffed to the brim overnight. Cleaning and organizing it won’t happen in a weekend. Instead, it takes time to go through everything and put it in better order. This process takes patience and stamina to ensure you work on it a little bit every day. Remember, you won’t lose 25 pounds your first day on a diet. Likewise, you can’t have every room clean in one afternoon. But if you commit to making it happen, you increase your chances of a well-organized home tenfold.

Change Your Habits

To create a clean, organized home, you’re going to have to change some of your habits. For example, do you prefer to pile the dishes into your sink and do them later? How about if you rinse them off and place them in the dishwasher as you use them instead? At first, this new behavior can require intentional planning and focus. It can take several conservations to get your family to agree to the new rules. But very quickly you’ll see the differences and appreciate the benefits.

Set Realistic Goals

Instead of thinking big, think small. A clean, organized home may be your ultimate goal, but what can you do to get closer to it every day? Take things one step at a time.

Create a to do list and prioritize it.

Why not tackle it one room at a time? Or if a room is too big and has too much clutter, tackle one project at a time. Is your family room cluttered with toys? How can you improve? Start by investing in a new organization method. Baskets and bins can provide a place for toys to hide when not in use, and can add to your decor instead of taking away.

Want a more functional kitchen? Start with one drawer. Take everything out and put back only what you use. Donate or throw away the rest. Better yet, find a way to make the drawer neater, tidier. And question everything before you slip something new into the drawer. Do you really need this new thing? What can it replace?

A cleaner, more organized home is just a step away when you make it a priority. And with us by your side, helping you with regular cleanings every month, you’ll soon have a well-organized home that’s a joy to come home to.