How A Visit From Maid Service Can Improve Your Social Life

51284475 - doormat.If you had guests just drop by unannounced, would you feel good about letting them in to see your home? You can’t always control whether or not people call first, but booking regular appointments with a maid service can help you feel better about it when it happens!

Let’s face it. Regular visits from a maid service are always helpful to keep your home guest-ready on short notice. In the middle of a busy work week, it’s super common for people to let things pile up. And at the start of a weekend, the idea of spending your down time cleaning to get ready for guests can seem like not a lot of fun. That’s why we recommend making an appointment for maid service to help you clear clutter regularly, and leave your weekends open for relaxation whether it’s at home, or out on the town. It also opens up the opportunity to relax and socialize with friends, family, and visitors in your home, even when that visit is spontaneous.

And really, wouldn’t you prefer being able to socialize at home more often? If you’re saying no, is it because you feel like hosting is too much trouble?

To be honest, the idea of playing host or hostess is a major source of social stress and anxiety for many. The idea of opening our home, especially without time to prepare, can make us worry about being judged and feel a bit vulnerable. So, while we want to be welcoming, it can be easier to discourage visits — and that can put a major dampener on our social lives and stress on relationships.

But hosting visits from guests doesn’t have to be a source of stress. You CAN keep things informal. Most people just want a quick chat. You don’t necessarily have to make a fancy meal, or plan entertainments, to be a good host.

Most people will even overlook clutter. They’re just happy to see you! But a maid service appointment can help you feel even more confident when people stop by. Cleaning up becomes one less thing to worry about, because you know that your home is tidy and in good shape.

If that sounds like a good way to manage some of the sources of your social anxiety about hosting at home, read on for ideas about how to make that happen.

How Often To Book Regular Maid Service Appointments

Did you know? Maid to Clean offers bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly appointments to keep your home in tip top shape. (You can learn more about our rates and services here.)

If you haven’t yet had a visit from our team, you’ll want to first book an initial deep cleaning service. That will help get your home ready for regular maid service to maintain your home. It will also help you feel more confident that your guests won’t be judging you on things like dusty floorboards, dirty windows, and grubby kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

For a home you can be proud of, we recommend that most people also will need a weekly cleaning service to be guest ready any time. That way you’re getting a regular touch up to be ready for unexpected drop ins, even in the middle of a busy week when you didn’t have time to tidy up.

Finally, we also want to recommend that you invest in maid services as a gift to yourself before the upcoming busy holiday season. Cleaning service will help you feel your best about opening your home to trick or treaters this Halloween, inviting guests for Thanksgiving, or for quick Christmas-time and holiday gatherings.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


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