How do our cleaning fees compare to those of other local cleaning companies? We’re here to demystify the cost for you, so you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll pay if you go with our service.

One thing that might be holding you back from hiring a maid service is the mystery of how much it will cost you. A lot of companies are not transparent about how much their maid services will cost, or how their employees are paid.

It takes a lot of time and effort to dig through websites or call individual companies to do a cost comparison. All you really want to do is save time by hiring a service!

It’s frustratingly difficult to find prices on a lot of companies’ websites. On the one hand, we get that money is an awkward thing to talk about.

But as a service, we believe that we should be straightforward with you, the potential client, about how much your maid service will cost. As well, we believe you deserve to know how our employees are paid, as not all cleaners are paid the same way within the industry. This information can help you make an informed decision about which cleaning service to go with.

So how do our cleaning fees compare to those of other cleaning companies?

We’re here to demystify that cost for you so that you will have a better idea of what you’ll be paying if you go with our service.

How much does Maid to Clean bill our clients?

We bill our clients based on a rate of $42.00 per cleaner, per hour.

Our rates are based on the amount of time we need to clean your home. Some factors that may influence this include:

  • Frequency- we will send the same team to service your home every time, and they will become more efficient the longer they clean your home. A home that has not been cleaned for a long time will also take more time. We can service your home weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or as needed.
  • Size- more rooms in your home means more time needed to clean.
  • Clutter- we clean your home, but we don’t pick up your belongings for you. Working around a cluttered home takes longer.
  • Pets- pet hair can take extra time to clean up.
  • Number of adults and children- an empty-nester’s home is likely going to take less time to clean than a family with multiple small children.

You can expect to pay $189.50 to $984.00 for a first cleaning, depending on how large your house is.

This first cleaning is typically much higher than what you’ll pay for any other future cleanings. We initially do a deep cleaning of your home, doing detailed work so that our future visits are focused on maintaining your home.

Some clients take time to de-clutter and pre-clean a home prior to our arrival. This allows us to focus on the nitty-gritty of cleaning a home, so that we don’t have to spend time picking up and straightening.

Again, after that first cleaning, the rate is much less, $126.00 to $399.75. After the first deep clean, we’ll be working to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

How do cleaning companies pay their employees?

Employee compensation is a major thing to consider for any cleaning company, and it differs depending on how the company is run.

It’s an important thing for you to understand as well, as it can help you make the decision of which company you want to go with. It can also impact how much your maid service costs.

Some companies pay their employees based on commission, or per house.

Others pay a base salary plus an additional commission amount.

In some cases, the company you hired is not actually a cleaning company at all! Have you found that you can’t speak to the owner or office staff, or you can’t visit the business office? Chances are, you have booked through an online service that turns your information over to a contract cleaner.

Then, contractors vie for the contract. This type of online booking system works much like Uber and Lyft, and the commissioned cleaner will receive only a portion of the amount you’ve paid.

So how does Maid to Clean pay its employees?

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. This means that all of our employees are staffed through us and are not contracted help. We pay them a salary as employees, and we provide them with health insurance. We also provide them with the supplies, equipment, and cars that they need to get the job done.

This is a benefit on your end. You’ll know that the people coming in to clean your home are insured and licensed to do the job that you want them to do.

As well, paying our employees a salary ensures that cleaning teams are not unnecessarily increasing the cleaning rate for a commission. Since they are on salary, employees won’t attempt to work longer for overtime.

It’s our goal that by billing our clients per hour and paying our employees a salary rather than a commission, our teams are working as efficiently as possible.

How do we compare to other services in the area?

You’ll probably find that Maid to Clean’s rates are a little higher than most of our local competitors. But we consider this a benefit rather than a hindrance. It’s not all about finding the cheapest service possible, especially when you’re trusting someone enough to let them into your home.

First of all, unlike some cleaning companies, we do not cut costs by hiring contracted help. As mentioned before, this means that all cleaners who come to your home will be salaried, insured, and licensed employees of Maid to Clean. We never send out contract cleaners who aren’t employed through us.

Next, we are looking for long-term clients over a high volume of short-term clients. We like to get to know you so that we can treat you just like we would any member of our family.

You can see this mission of loyal service shine through in our employees. We have low turnover, and many of our employees have been with us for more than ten years of service. We treat our staff right, and this lets them treat you right too.

If you think that we would be the perfect match, contact us and we can discuss cleaning for you.