How To Compliment Professional Cleaning Services With Your Own Task List

Professional cleaning companies typically have a system in place for cleaning a home. If you’re thinking of hiring one, ask them about their process and what the cleaning includes. No matter how detailed a professional cleaning service is, their ultimate goal is to make your life easier. That’s why it’s important to communicate with them to ensure you’re both on the same page and you get the quality of service you expect. The more you know about the way they clean, the more you can incorporate your chore list in between.

Outline Your Needs

If you’re thinking of hiring a professional cleaning company, chances are you already have some goals in mind. Discuss your needs with the cleaning company before hiring them. They should be aware of your expectations and how they fit into your plans.

For example, there is a difference between one-time deep cleaning and regular scheduled cleaning. Are you hiring to ensure your home looks good for the holidays? Or do you want help keeping your home clean throughout the year? The approach will be different depending on your needs.

Mention Special Wants

Every family has needs. But if your family has special considerations, it’s important to speak up before your first cleaning takes place.

  • Does someone in your home have allergies?
  • Do you have pets that will be on site?
  • Is green cleaning important to you?

While a cleaning crew is there to take away your weekly responsibilities of keeping your home clean, they can’t help you with things they don’t know.

Make Your Checklist

What chores are needed to keep your home clean? What can you do and what do you prefer to hand off to professional cleaning services?

Sometimes seeing your chores is the best way to split your efforts. It’s an easy way to see where the majority of your time goes to each week. It ensures you schedule each task with the appropriate amount of time. And also realize that sometimes you can schedule deep cleaning routines further out.

Ensure You Have A Point Of Contact

In most cases, the cleaning crew will be in your home when you’re not. That’s the beauty of having a professional cleaning company on your side. They come in and perform the basic cleaning chores; you come home to a clean house.  Likewise, make sure they can reach you in case they need to make immediate contact with you.

However, issues can arise. Maybe something was handled differently than you’re used to. Or maybe you need a little extra TLC. Ensure you know who to speak with in the company so you can make special requests or get problems solved quickly.

How much time would pairing up with a professional cleaning company save you each month?