Keeping The House Clean With Dogs

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is always an exciting time. It’s a lot of work and commitment too. No matter what breed you select, as a pet owner you’ll be dealing with hair, dirt, mud, slobber, paw prints … and possibly a few accidents along the way. But wait; before you change your mind, it’s important to keep in mind that the plusses far outweigh the minuses. And with a few simple preventative measures and some easy cleaning tips, you can have a clean house AND enjoy your new friend at the same time.

Groom Regularly

Proper grooming goes a long way in reducing shedding. That means less likelihood of those hairballs accumulating in the corners of your rooms. Set up a brushing routine of at least a few times per week. Not only does it help get rid of loose hairs, but it will also be bonding time for you and your pet. If weather permits, doing it outside will mean less chance of hair falling off onto your floors. The sooner you start the process, the more they will enjoy it, even welcome it into their lives.

Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

With new pets come the inevitable messes. By having cleaning supplies at the ready, that means you’ll have less chance of it impacting your flooring. Don’t rely on heavy chemicals or potions. Instead, simple green products will in most cases be all you need.

Stop Mud At The Door

The easiest way to stop dirt and mud from entering your home is to check your shoes at the door. For pets, it’s not quite that easy. But you can establish a rule where dirty or muddy feet are cleaned at the door. Place a mat just outside the door and train your pet to sit there and wait before entering. Then wipe down their feet before they enter, either with a towel or have a small bowl of water ready for muddy situations.

Store Toys Easily

With a new puppy comes new toys. Who can resist them in your favorite big box store? And a puppy with lots of safe alternatives – their toys – are less likely to find other not-so-safe things to gnaw on – your furniture. But all those new toys add up, and before you know it your room looks almost as messy as when the kids pull out their toys for the day. Invest in a toy box for your pet too. Keep it low and easy to access. And while your pet might not be able to pick up his toys, it’ll be a great way to quickly clean up your room at the end of a busy day.