Once a week or once a month, our home cleaning service works with your schedule

30050144 - closeup of woman's hand marking date 15 on calendarThe first few months of the new year are an excellent time to declutter, destress, detox and deep clean. The busy end of the year is behind you, and life falls back into more of a routine. You may be making more time for relaxation, pursuing hobbies, fitting in exercise or traveling for fun and pleasure.

And if you’re like many Americans around the beginning of the year, you’re finally getting into those dusty, cluttered nooks and crannies to deep clean your living spaces. Remember that a fresh start can also apply to your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and storage spaces. A home cleaning service will work with you to accomplish your goals, at least when it comes to cleaning. Attending a weekly yoga class and taking up knitting, well… those goals will still be up to you.

Hiring a home cleaning service can be a helpful way to free up the time you need for the things you want to accomplish. Before you know it, you’ll be getting into the hustle and bustle of spring break, school and work events, summer vacation and other seasonal demands on your schedule. Just imagine what a bi-weekly, weekly or monthly cleaning could do for your peace of mind, at home and beyond.

When should a home cleaning service come?

The great news about hiring a home cleaning service is that you have the ability to set the frequency of the visits, as well as determine what you’d like to have done. At Maid to Clean, we offer a wide variety of home cleaning services in Arlington, Virginia, and surrounding areas.

We can help you with:

  • Initial cleaning with recurring service: For our first-time clients, an initial cleaning is required before setting up recurring visits. This helps us gain an idea of what needs to be done to get your property in tip-top shape. For this first appointment, our deep cleaning team – headed by an Initial Cleaning Supervisor – will thoroughly work through your home or office. Once everything is spotless and just the way you want it, our recurring home cleaning service will keep it that way by coming back as often as you wish.
  • Move in or move out cleaning service: While there may not be such a thing as stress-free moving, we can certainly help to manage your workload by taking care of the cleaning. We will arrange for a home cleaning service at your new address before you move in, or for your old address once you’ve moved out. Now you can get back to taping up (or unpacking!) all those boxes!
  • One-time or as-needed service: Is your boss coming to dinner? Company coming to town? Or are the corners and windows of your home or office just starting to feel a little… grimy? We are happy to help with an annual or semi-annual deep cleaning to help you breathe a little easier.
  • For Sale cleaning: If you’ve ever sold a home, you know the exhausting and constant work of keeping it immaculate for around-the-clock viewings. Not to worry. We’ll do our best to impress your potential buyers and help you make a quicker sale.
  • Construction cleanup: Repairs and renovations are not only a disruption to your daily routine, but they can also be very messy! The constant drilling, sawing, and building spread dust and debris everywhere. We will adjust our regular cleaning tasks to include an “industrial strength” home cleaning service, including the removal of construction materials such as nails, staples and fragments of drywall.
  • Commercial cleaning: If you’re in the market for commercial services, such as removing trash and recycling, cleaning office bathrooms and/or kitchen spaces, or floor care, we can do that, too.

Our goal is to make your life easier, brighter and cleaner all around. If you are in need of a reputable, environmentally-responsible home cleaning service, let us get to work for you! Contact Maid to Clean at 703-229-0101.