Putting more “service” in your home cleaning service

10799408 - loving hands design.We love to bring the “service” to home cleaning service. When we come to your home to clean, it’s our privilege to contribute to your special space and make it the most comfortable, relaxing place for you to be. But we go even beyond the walls of the homes we clean. We’re out to make the world a cleaner, happier, better place to be, as well.

There are a few ways we accomplish this as a top rated home cleaning service in Alexandria, Virginia. In previous blogs, we’ve covered our commitment to the environment through green cleaning, environmental stewardship (meet the Maid to Clean honey bees, or learn about our efforts to reduce air pollution through eliminating unnecessary travel), and powering our office through the installation of solar panels.

We’ve also shared a bit about the contributions we make within our communities. We support a variety of local organizations, including the Mautner Project, the Human Rights Campaign, the Capital Area Food Bank, and schools and churches in our neighborhoods.

A home cleaning service that goes beyond cleaning

As a local independent business, it just makes sense to support the locals, doesn’t it? After all, small businesses rely on the communities around them. They should be able to rely on us, as well. How many home cleaning businesses can say the same? We’re happy to contribute to the communities where we live and work in meaningful ways, and take pride in improving the world around us — and not just by cleaning it.

And while we don’t like to brag, it seems our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The Maid to Clean home cleaning service has been featured in several publications and local programming. To name a few, The Washington Post, Fox 5 News at 5, NBC News Channel 4, and Bethesda Magazine. With a story and background as unique as ours, there’s plenty to talk about.

What can we do for you?

While this talk of service within the communities of Arlington and Alexandria may be impressive, it probably isn’t what brought you to our website to begin with. Most likely, you’re looking for a top rated home cleaning service you can feel good about. We also have plenty to say in this matter, too. (Insert smiley-face emoji.)

As you browse our website (and we hope you will), you’ll find many resources to help you make a decision about hiring a home cleaning service. Do you need one-time service, recurring service (say, weekly, or bi-monthly), or perhaps move-in or move-out cleaning service? Did you know we also offer flood cleaning? While we hope you won’t need this particular service, we’re here for you in the event of a flood in your home.

If you were hoping for a bulleted list of what makes our service so unique, you’re in luck! The home cleaning service we provide, and the employees we hire, are top rated.Here are a few things about Maid to Clean that you might like to know:

  • We are trustworthy. We are a local business, and we value you as our client. We will never outsource or subcontract the cleaning of your home to an unknown business or entity. Truly, what you see is what you get.
  • We are pet friendly. We couldn’t very well care about our customers or our planet without caring about the furry, feathered, and fluffy creatures that live here, too! Our products and methods are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe for pets.
  • We are detailed. You won’t find a quick once-over with our home cleaning service. On the contrary, we are meticulous, detailed, thorough, and totally committed to your satisfaction.
  • We are loyal. Lasting relationships require a special level of attention, in part that’s what makes them last! Many of our clients and employees have been with us for two decades, which says something about the way we care for our relationships.

When you’re looking for a home cleaning service in Alexandria or Arlington, reach out to Maid to Clean. We’d love to make your world happier, brighter, and cleaner!