Seasonal Cleaning Tips: Clean With This, Not With That

As a company that has focused on green cleaning since the day we first opened our doors, we have a lot of suggestions for ways to keep your cleaning routines as green as possible. We like sharing our tips of the trade with you to ensure you are using the best cleaning choices for your family in between our scheduled visits. With that in mind, today we’d like to share with you some of our favorite cleaning supplies and what you should be pulling out of your cleaning closet and replacing it with today. You may be surprised at which tools are actually best for the task.

Sponges or Microfiber Cloths

Sponges have long been the handiest tool in the supply closet. But what kinds of germs are lurking in your sponges? Even the cleanest smelling sponge can hold on to a host of biological growth, enough to make your family sick. Instead of using sponges, try microfiber cloths instead. They are quick-drying, which means they are less likely to hold onto germs. And you can easily pop them into the washer to get rid of the germs easily.

Brooms or Vacuums

If you’ve ever watched a broom in action, you know it merely moves the dirt from here to there. Instead, pull out your vacuum, set it for the appropriate flooring level, and remove dirt and dust once and for all. How old is your vacuum? When was the last time you gave it a little maintenance? Before you use it the next time, clean the roller brush and invest in a new HEPA filter if your vacuum has one. This will ensure your vacuum performs at top level next time you turn it on.

Brand Name Cleaners or Make It Yourself Solutions

Have you ever picked up a bottle of cleaner from the store? What’s in them? The chemical list often goes on and on with words you can barely read. All of that can’t be good for you. Which is why we feel a green cleaning approach is better. We use special green cleaning solutions when we clean and buy in bulk so we can refill our bottles. This way we aren’t throwing away hundreds of plastic bottles each year.  At home, you can easily use things from your pantry – baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol – and you’ll find they are equally as effective as the harsh chemicals in a bottle.

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Having trouble fitting in a deep cleaning at the change of seasons? We can provide a cleaning expert to help take care of it for you. Contact us today.