Simple tips for organizing your pet supplies

38592908_MOur pets are members of the family, but if you aren’t careful, their stuff can quickly take over the house. If you’re tired of stumbling over squeaky toys in the middle of the night, these organizational hacks are sure to help out:

Keep toys and bones in a small shoe box. Your kids have a toy box, and so should your pets. Depending on the size of your dog, you may need something larger than a shoe box, a paper bag perhaps. When you’re done playing fetch or tug, pick up everything and put it in the bag or box. Yes, it requires a few extra minutes of clean-up, but it makes finding toys (and preventing accidents) much easier.

Store plastic bags in an empty tissue box. When you’re walking the dog, somebody has to pick up the poop. Instead of throwing all of your plastic grocery bags into a massive tangle under the sink, put them inside of an empty tissue box. Then, place the box full of poop bags near the door. Every time you go for a walk, you can grab a bag or two for easy access.

Store harnesses and leashes near the door. Leashes and harnesses are like cables and cords in that they can easily get tangled and knotted. Prevent this from happening by hammering a few nails at eye level next to your front door. Then, hang the leashes, harnesses and collars. Voila!

Mix cookies and treats in a Tupperware. Good dogs deserve treats, but digging into the kitchen cabinet and finding the Milkbones behind all of the other groceries can drive you nuts. Save time and energy by mixing your various dog treats into one Tupperware. You’ll never have to go digging through the cabinets ever again.

Keep all necessary vet information on the fridge. As a dog or cat owner, you know that emergencies can happen at any time. For this reason, it’s important to have your vet’s contact information close at all times. Store your pets’ medical records on the door of the fridge for quick access in the event of an accident or injury.

This handful of tips and tricks should keep your home a little more organized. Who knows, it might make your pets happier, too!