Solar panels and honey bees: so much more than your average home cleaning service

54016312 - housewife from cleaning service cleans carpet with vacuum cleanerWhat do you get when you combine a local, pet-friendly, detailed, community-centered, home cleaning service with bee keeping, green cleaning practices, and the charitable support of schools, food banks, and churches? (No, this isn’t the start of a corny joke!) What if we threw in the fact that most of the people who know the answer to this question have known it for more than 20 years, and that we strive to make our corner of the world a shinier, happier place to be?

The answer: You get Maid to Clean. And there’s so much more to this #1 rated home cleaning service in Washington D.C. than meets the eye. Are you curious to learn more? Read on!

Home cleaning is just one way we make the world a better place

At Maid to Clean, we believe that we all carry a portion of the responsibility to make the world a cleaner, more beautiful, and more sustainable planet to live on. We know that the business practices we employ today will have future impacts on many generations to come. That’s why, when it comes to home cleaning, we do things differently. (As in, really differently.)

  • We are trustworthy. We give you our word that we will not outsource or subcontract the cleaning of your home or business to any other company. We are local, and we intend to stay that way. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing who is taking care of your home and valuables. Our team members are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.
  • We are detailed. Unlike other home cleaning services that may give your home a quick once-over, we love diving deeper to provide a thorough, meticulous all-over clean. You’ll be able to tell the difference, as will your friends and guests. Be prepared for all the ooooooo’s and aaaaaaaaahh’s you’re about to get.
  • We are loyal. We’re definitely not the new kids on the block, and we’ve earned our position as a loyal home cleaning service in the Alexandria/Arlington area. Many of our clients (and employees!) have been with our company for more than two decades.
  • We love your fur babies. What’s important to you is important to us. This includes the people — and the special animals — you love with all your heart. That’s why our home cleaning products and methods are 100% pet-friendly. We clean by the motto of “do no harm,” to your home, your pets, and the environment.
  • We love our planet. We are committed to operating our home cleaning service in an environmentally-responsible way. From practicing environmental stewardship and using green products and cleaning methods, to powering our office with solar panels and raising bees (that’s right!), we don’t just want to clean the world. We want to improve it.
  • We love our community. It’s important to us to stay connected to the people and communities that helped us become a #1 rated home cleaning service. That’s why we are committed to serving the communities where we live and work. We are proud to support the Mautner Project, the Human Rights Campaign, the Capital Area Food Bank, as well as local schools and churches in the neighborhoods where we live. It is our belief that we are better together than when we’re on our own.

If these differences sound like the kind of horse you’d like to hitch your wagon to, we’d love to talk to you about taking care of your home or office. It feels good to support local business, and we promise to continue to do the same. At Maid to Clean, our team members, responsible practices and commitment to our communities are the special ways we’re striving to make the world a little better, one cleaning at a time. We look forward to hearing from you!