Tips To Get Rid Of The Germs and Bacteria From Your Home

Germs and bacteria are all around us. They are tiny microscopic organisms that can play havoc on our daily lives. Bacteria can be beneficial or harmful. Germs not so great! If you have kids at home, keeping your family healthy can present a challenge. Depending on their ages, they can bring in just as many of them as you attempt to wipe out with a little soap and a sponge. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help you win the war and keep everyone in healthy condition. And if you stay on top of it every day, it becomes an easy process. Just the standard house cleaning tools will do: • Soap and water • Cleaning cloths • Brooms • Vacuum

Wash Hands

As a house cleaning service, we know this is one of the most important pieces of advice. Your hands impact everything. So the cleaner you keep them, the less likelihood of having them leave germs and bacteria behind.

Encourage your kids to wash their hands regularly. Scrubbing them with soap and water is the first line of defense. While it’s a good practice to wash hands before you eat, also encourage everyone in your family to wash hands whenever they return home. If you don’t bring the germs and bacteria in, washing them away upon reentry, your risk of illness decreases immensely.

Think Green

Contrary to what many advertisements suggest, it doesn’t take fancy sprays and harsh chemicals to make everything clean. A simple solution of vinegar and water is enough to get rid of the bad stuff in a good way. Do you really want tiny hands touching harsh chemicals left behind by sprays and ending up in your child’s mouth? That can be just as bad as the bacteria in some cases.

Keep It Clean

We all get busy. Especially this time of year, when school activities occur all the time, and you’re always on the run. It’s easy to assume cleaning can wait another day, until a day turns into a week. Leaving germs and bacteria sit in your home only gives them more opportunity to thrive.

Hiring a house cleaning service makes this an easy step. It gives you regularity with your house cleaning, meaning you only have to worry about the touch-ups in between.

While our regular service ensures the most crucial areas of your home are clean, it’s up to you to take care of the rest. At a minimum, wipe down the kitchen counters and ensure the floor is free from spills. Ensure you clean areas where meat and poultry are cut immediately. Clean the toilet seat regularly.

Stay safe this winter and keep germs and bacteria at a minimum. And if we can help in any way, give us a call today.