Warmer weather around the corner can only mean one thing: Spring cleaning!

cleaning serviceThe mornings are a bit brighter, the days are a bit longer. It’s so close, we can almost feel it… warm weather! Even in areas of the country where the snow is still melting, most of us are thinking the same thing: “How long till I can wear sandals?!” If you’re ready to trade in that beleaguered snow shovel for a plush beach towel and flip flops, you’re not alone.

Spring offers a host of lovely benefits. Colorful flowers, warmer weather, lighter clothing, a chance to spend more time outdoors, and maybe even a late spring break vacation! As your schedules and routines shift from spending most of your time indoors, to spending more time outdoors in various activities, now is the perfect time to think about another element of the changing seasons: spring cleaning.

For some, spring cleaning is welcome tradition, a time to finally tackle the garage clutter or bulging closets that have been neglected through the long fall and winter months. For others, this annual deep cleaning is a down side of the changing seasons (well, that, along with allergies!).

Regardless of which spring cleaning camp you find yourself in, there are many benefits to this type of cleaning. (And the best news of all? We can help you get it done.)

  • Enjoy the warmer months of spring with a clean and organized home. Most of us find we function better when things at home are in order. From straightened cupboards to dusted linen closets, having neat and orderly spaces allows your mind to focus on other enjoyable and necessary parts of your life.
  • Finally tackling a deep cleaning project may provide you with the excitement and energy to tackle other items on your (slightly neglected) to-do list. We all need a feeling of accomplishment sometimes, and crossing items off a list can provide just that.
  • The change of season provides an excellent time to reprioritize, refocus, recommit, and simply declutter our lives from the things that are in the way. Spring cleaning gives you the chance to sort through items, piles and messes, and create a fresh start for the warmer months.
  • If cleaning just isn’t your thing, not to worry. A professional home cleaning service can step in and take care of the dirty work, so to speak. Why not treat yourself to a green cleaning visit this spring?

At Maid to Clean, we love to add that special sparkle to your living spaces. In fact, we’re downright passionate about it. We are committed to green cleaning practices, and promise a safe and non-toxic experience for the family members (and pets!) living in your household. Schedule a deep cleaning this spring so you can get out there and enjoy more of the sunshine!