What to look for in a home cleaning service, for the holidays and beyond

holiday partyAh, the cozy, happy, busy-ness of the holidays… the cooking, the company, the parties, the cleaning. Gasp!! The cleaning?!!? Are you really prepared for a houseful of company? Are you ready to welcome your boss’s boss into your home to silently critique everything from the appetizers to the cleanliness of your bathroom floor?

First, take a deep breath. The holidays are still a few weeks off. And second, this is the moment that home cleaning services live for! When it comes time to hire a home cleaning service in Alexandria, Virginia, whether just for the holidays or for a long-term arrangement, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Follow these simple suggestions to hire the cleaning service of your dreams, for all the fa-la-la-la-las ahead and beyond!

Prepare your own home cleaning service Q & A

It’s okay to ask questions, and any home cleaning service that’s worthy of your business will gladly welcome them. It shows you’ve done your homework, and that you know what you’re looking for. This will help your potential cleaning service to better meet your needs. Here are some potential questions you might consider asking:

  • How long has your home cleaning service been in business? Look for companies with an established reputation of customer satisfaction and positive reviews.
  • What services are included in the different rates? From a monthly deep clean to a weekly dusting, window-washing, floor-scrubbing, rates will vary. Be sure you and the cleaning representative are on the same page when it comes to setting expectations and rates.
  • Are there different terms of service? If you are only looking for cleaning help to get you through the busy holiday months ahead, avoid signing a lengthy contract or agreeing to fixed service terms.
  • Are your workers licensed, bonded and insured? This is especially important in the event that anything becomes broken or damaged, or if an injury occurs on your property. Any reputable cleaning service will have a policy in place to cover accidents. If you have items in your home that will require special care or handling, let your cleaner know in advance.
  • What types of products do you use? For those with fragrance sensitivities, young children or pets in the home, or anyone looking for a natural approach to green cleaning, harsh chemicals and strong products may not be the direction you’d like your home cleaning service to take. If you’d prefer non-toxic cleansers, be sure to have the conversation well in advance of your first cleaning.

Really, what matters the most is that you’ve done your own homework. You know what you want from a home cleaning service, you know what’s important to you, you know what products you prefer, and you are clear about the expectations you have for the work that will be done in your home. As you do your research, keep a notepad handy to jot down the questions that come to mind. Is the cleaner pet-friendly? How will your cleaner gain access to your home? Things to consider will come to mind as you research.

Ask yourself a few questions, too

Now that you’ve prepared a list of questions for the cleaner, why not throw a few in for yourself?

  • How does hiring a home cleaning service fit into your budget? You want this decision to lighten your load, not make it any heavier. Be prepared financially with a budget as well as intellectually with your research.
  • How often do you want your house cleaned? What will feel like a relief to you; once a week, twice a month, monthly? Consider what it is you’re hoping to accomplish by hiring a home cleaning service, then move forward with confidence!
  • Do you feel comfortable turning these responsibilities over to someone else? The answer is easy — if you’ve hired the right home cleaning service, you will.

Maid to Clean has been in business for more than 20 years, providing superior cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers in Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia. Our business thrives on building long-lasting relationships with clients and employees. We are proud to use a 100% green cleaning process, keeping your home, children, and pets safe from harmful chemicals.

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