What you won’t be picking up this year, thanks to our home cleaning service

35268212 - lots of messy clothes on a cloth basket and stair wooden floor.If you had to make a comprehensive list of all the things you pick up as you clean your house, how much time would you need? Let’s start with the kitchen: dishes, rugs, crumpled napkins, crumbs, and forgotten lunch boxes. The bathroom? Fluttering scraps of tissue, towels, hair and rubber bands. Your office: piles of paper, envelopes, magazines, and ink cartridges. We’ll go ahead and skip the bedrooms, basement and play room… you get the picture.

Simply put, when it’s time to clean the house, you can easily spend the first couple of hours just picking things up to get ready for the real work of it. Despite the lengthy list we didn’t even get into, what you pick up prior to cleaning isn’t the focus of today’s blog post. It’s what you won’t pick up that we’d like to talk about, thanks to the smart move of hiring a home cleaning service.

A home cleaning service offers more than convenience

Professional cleaning might seem like a luxury, or maybe it’s something you might schedule once in a while when company is coming. However, a regular home cleaning service can do more for your peace of mind than transforming your living space into a sparkling wonderland with fresh sheets. (Though, let’s be honest… that sounds pretty amazing, right?) Regular cleanings can also protect you and your family from some pretty nasty bugs and viruses.

In addition to toys, dust bunnies, socks and candy wrappers, did you know that germs are also lurking around your house and under the beds? In fact, they’re everywhere. And while for the most part, a healthy immune system will keep the majority of attacks at bay, the truth is that germs can — and will — make you sick. Where does a home cleaning service fit into the equation? We’re glad you asked. Let’s look at a few common illnesses that a regular visit from a home cleaning service can “sweep under the rug.”

Influenza and the common cold. The flu doesn’t mess around, so neither should your home cleaning service. Especially at risk are infants, the elderly, and those who are immunocompromised, either as a result of existing illness or chemotherapy treatment, among other issues. Soap and water just aren’t enough to kill flu germs, and proper disinfection, to be effective, needs to happen routinely. If your schedule has become difficult to keep up with, consider adding the benefit of a regular home cleaning service visit to your arsenal against the cold and flu.

Food-borne illness. While there are as many varieties of food-borne illness as varieties of food itself, what they mostly have in common is how they are spread and contracted. In almost every case, prevention of a nasty sickness could have been as simple as the proper cleaning of kitchen surfaces. The cleanliness of your countertops, cutting boards, dishcloths and cookware that come in contact with food can either prevent or propagate the food-borne bacteria that cause illness. A home cleaning service can assist with the proper disinfection of your kitchen on a regular basis.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease. This illness is caused by enterovirus, meaning it typically occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. Already sounds like a good time, right? It is spread through bodily fluids and feces and affects children more commonly than adults. Part of the illness’s effectiveness is how rapidly it spreads while leaving the “host” symptom free for several days. Think how many people you come in contact with over the course of a few days! If you have little ones in the home, are you confident in the cleanliness of their toys, cups and pacifiers? If not, it’s time to call in a home cleaning service.

At Maid to Clean, we love to make your corner of the world a happy, healthy and safe place to be. We specialize in thorough, professional home cleaning services in Arlington Virginia and surrounding areas. Because we understand how much you love your pets, family, and the planet, we offer green cleaning solutions and a commitment to doing things right. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help keep your loved ones safe this year.