When you make your big move, home cleaning service should be part of your plan

94361320 - children helping unload boxes from van on family moving in dayAre you planning a move? Whether you’re already well on your way to moving into a new home or apartment, or just preparing to pack up and relocate sometime soon, home cleaning service should be part of your plan to ease your transition.

We know. Planning a move can be stressful, and your to-do list is likely to be L-O-N-G. But you need to put hiring a home cleaning service at the top of your list. It will make every other part of the process easier, we promise.

How? Outside of planning around the sale of a home, or a change to your rental lease, you’ve got to transfer your utilities, box up your belongings, and secure a moving service. Not to mention the unpacking process once you reach your new home! But you don’t want to forget to hire a home cleaning service as a first step. Ideally, you’ll already have regular bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly appointments in place to maintain your home. But if not, there are still benefits to hiring maid service when you’re moving.

In fact, hiring a cleaning service will save you headaches and discomfort, and is sure to save you money. Read on to learn more about all of the ways our customers use cleaning services to make their lives easier during a move between homes.

Home Cleaning Service Benefits Before, During, and After A Move

  • Having your home professionally cleaned will raise the property value, and makes it more likely that you’ll get an offer when you’re selling your home.
  • If you’re planning to rent, having a cleaning service spruce up an apartment or house before you move in is a great way to get comfortable and save steps while getting settled.
  • When you move out of an apartment, hiring a home cleaning service makes it more likely you’ll get your deposit back and saves you the headache of cleaning while trying to pack.
  • After you sell a home, find a new place to live, pack up and get ready to go, you don’t want to have to go back to the old home and clean. Having a cleaning service come in after you makes your transition simpler.
  • If you’re renting our your home or apartment, you’ll definitely want to have a reliable cleaning service to prepare your home for new tenants. A clean place also makes it more likely you’ll get applications from the right kind of tenants.

Bonus Tip: Cleaning service makes a great house warming gift when someone moves into a new home. In fact, you may want to give yourself that gift! It saves you extra effort at the end of a long process. It’s also great for college students moving between semesters, because it saves them time and trouble.

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