Your planet, your peace of mind

28792150_MPlanet Earth has been around a long (long, long) time — 4.543 billion years, to be precise! Scientists have used lead dating to determine the age of meteorite material and moon rocks, and can estimate the birth of our planet around this time. It can be a little mind-boggling to think about all the changes Earth has experienced during its lifetime. Earthquakes, plate tectonics, surface changes, erosion… the list goes on and on. Now think about the impact that our arrival has had on the planet! Our presence here adds another list of changes, and not all of them good.

For this reason, we offer our commitment as a professional home cleaning service to using only green cleaning and environmentally-responsible practices. It matters to us, and we believe it matters to you, too. When we come to clean your home, you can rest assured that your family members (of all ages) and your four-legged friends (of all ages, too!) will be safe from the harmful chemicals often found in cleaning supplies.

What does it mean to clean “green”?

The term “green cleaning” implies that the practices, products, equipment, and even modes of industrial transportation will carry the smallest impact possible on the environment, the planet, and its inhabitants. (Did you know that, when possible, our professional cleaners ride bicycles to cleaning appointments?)

Because we practice green cleaning principles as a home cleaning service, we carefully select cleaning products to meet higher standards of environmental responsibility. Our products are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-abrasive. We will not use waxes, polishes, ammonia, bleach or bleach-based products, scented products, or alcohol-based cleansers. If you like the idea of essential oil, white vinegar, and other natural alternatives, then we may be the home cleaning service you’re looking for.

We know the health of your family and pets are important to you, as is the quality of the air you breathe and the purity of the space you live in. If you have a preference for different cleaning supplies, we’ll be happy to accommodate your special needs with the products you supply. Your peace of mind is important to us, and we won’t compromise the things that provide it.

About Us
If you’re ready to make the switch to green cleaning in Arlington and surrounding areas, we’re here to do an excellent job for you. Please reach out with any questions you have at 703-299-0101. Our website also offers a host of information, including FAQs and news articles featuring Maid to Clean’s efforts to improve our planet. We look forward to hearing from you!