Hard to believe that last week at this time we were all still digging out and watching our step on icy sidewalks. What a difference a few days and some spring-like sunshine makes! But there’s a reason it’s called spring cleaning. Late winter and early spring sunshine, currently unfiltered by still bare trees, highlights everything. Including all the collected winter grunge.*

Suddenly, there’s no getting away from the dusty corners, cobwebs, slightly gray walls (all those snowdays with kids doing their thing at waist level or lower), and more.

As you know we don’t call it spring cleaning. We just call it deep cleaning. And you can schedule a deep cleaning appointment with us any time of year. Just be sure to keep a few things in mind when you:

We can't clean what we can't get to. (via Elana Centor/Flickr)
We can’t clean what we can’t get to. (via Elana Centor/Flickr)

Declutter Before We Arrive!

You know how you have to get everything out of your fridge before you can get to the corners and clean the back? It’s sorta like that, only you’re looking at more and bigger. We recommend that you go through the areas you want us to deep clean before we get there, clear surfaces, put away display objects, and pick up in general. The less we have to move, the more we can get done, and the more corners, surfaces, and hidden dirt we’ll actually get to.

What Do You Want Extra Clean?

Let us know if you want us to focus on any one area especially. We’re happy to do it all, but you’re the one who knows what needs more elbow grease than usually. Chances are it’s your kitchen, bathrooms, or public areas. But perhaps it’s your office. We don’t know. So tell us!

Stage A No-Go Area

Tell us where not to go and what not to touch. This is especially true for clients who want us to clean their home offices. The process of decluttering usually yields stacks of important papers or working files that temporarily need to be somewhere other than the usual spot on the floor. Put it all somewhere and clearly mark it as a no-go area so we know not to disturb things.

Kids and Pets

As you know, we’re both kid and pet-friendly. But it does help if they’re not actively underfoot when we’re deep cleaning.

We’ll Be There A While

A deep cleaning isn’t a routine appointment. We’re going to really tackle all the hidden grunge. That takes time. So prepare for us to be there a while, and a higher bill. Call our office to find out more. And be on the look out for coupons. We love a good coupon, and we want to make sure you get one too!

* Winter grunge. Could be worse. Could be the outside, which is a whole ‘nuther ball game! As this meme so aptly points out…